legs trashed because of EMS..

hey guys,

i guess many people made this experience…

I used my EMS Tuesday the first time.
Its a Compex with 3sec max contraction and 25" rest.

I wanted to be sensible and made “just” 10-15 contractions per muscle group(the program goes for about 26mins…)

I think this is quiete okay to do 10-15, as Charlie also said, if my body has adapted to EMS.

Today i wasnt even able to jog and its friday…

My question:

I was on a good way for my sprint times right now and have a big meeting in May, so i am training seriusly right now.

Does this “overtraining” hurt my performance next week(if i can run again :smiley: )

Would be great, if some guys could share experiences?


Haha yea I know where you’re coming from. Using EMS hard for the first time or after a long layoff can produce some wicked DOMS. It shouldn’t hurt your performance but if you say you can’t even jog then I might be a little concerned.
I’d say get out there and do some tempo & mobility work even if you are very sore and lower the EMS volume next time.

yeah, i can jog…
But if i m sitting around and wanna stand up i m looking like an old lady…

I try to do so tomorrow. Is there anything else i can do?

Try pulsing ems on the muscle groups or lower level contractions again (e.g. same protocol but lower intensity). If you can’t walk no harm in doing a bit more ems in the meanwhile! :stuck_out_tongue:

Better to introduce EMS farther away from the meets. As you’ve already started, you might next go with 3 or 4 reps per muscle group per session. This is an incredibly individual process so you need to experiment, which is why you’d like to have more time. Pulse on the days between power sessions to aid recovery.
One thing. At least you know it’s for real!

that was exactly what i was planning to do the next days…
But i guess the next sessions with 4 reps wont hurt for days :stuck_out_tongue: