Legs movement

When sprinting, I am wondering if the knees should elevate or not (too much) when recovering.

Some people will say that the knees should elevate. This will reduce the lever and so the angular velocity will increase. However, the trajectory (circumference) that the foot has to travel his longer than if you don’t raise your feet.

On the other hand, if you don’t raise your feet very high, the lever is longer and so the angular velocity is slower. However the trajectory of the foot is shorter. I think that this advantage is more important then the one of the previous technique. As an exemple, if you run on one leg, you won’t elevate your knee very much but, it’s impossible to do so when you elevate too much the knees. When watching this technique from the front, during hip extension, the toes of the runner shouldn’t be hidden by his knee. A coach using this technique told me that felines run this way. My only concern is that this technique is very hard for hip flexors.

What do you think about it ?
Thank you