Leg length and hip width in the short sprints

I just couldn’t help throwing this question out there, beeing very research minded and all.

What are the normal proportions in leg length and hip width compared to the total height among 60-100m sprinters? Could anyone direct me to a study or some other source of info. I couldn’t find anything by searching the archives.

Also, compared to 200-400m sprinters, are there any major differences?

Here are my stats:

Height: 187 cm
Hip width at the widest: 38-39 cm
Leg length measured from the middle of the greater trochanter to floor without shoes: 102 cm

Feel free to post your own…

I think when Charlie is asked about optimal leg length, he usually paraphrases Abe Lincoln which is to the effect that the optimal leg length is one that reaches from the hip to the ground :slight_smile:

There isn’t anything ‘normal’ in terms of body proportion, all you can is make generalisations.

Common to most sprinters is high muscle attachment, anterior pelvic tilt and most mesomorphic characterists.