I was just wondering if someone could give a layout of the periodization of sprinters workout. I would like to do some research so if you could give me the names of the phases, and words or subjects that i should search. I have always trained for football, and I have no clue where to start to make workouts for myself. I want to figure out the volumes and rep schemes for each phase, I just finished the summer track season so i suppose im in a maintenance phase. I finid I work a lot harder when i can build my workout and put it down on paper. So I really need to layout my workout. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You will find 2 different weekly layouts, and a long-term general layout with Plyos, tempo, EMS, speed, Special end, weights etc.

I train with a team, so the only workouts I need some help with are the weight room. I knew how to periodize my football season, but the track season is a double periodiztion so I need just the amount of phases and their names. Also if someone could guide me on the volumes and rep schemes to use throughout each phase.


I am honestly clueless here, I just need some help getting started.

did anyone help this person

No one answered this as it was the kind of question that might have annoyed Charlie. This is no excuse for sure.

On page 98 of " The Charlie Francis Training System" there is an illustration of Periodization of Training Components" for you to take a look at.
Page 101 has " An Annual Plan Consisting of 3 Periods". This means one period is 1. Training , Competition and Rest from October late February, 2. Training , comp, rest from March to end of June and the last period 3. Beginning in July TRaining , rest major competition rest again compete again rest and perhaps final competition .
This triple periodization model shown is what Coach Charlie FRancis used for former world record holder Ben Johnson in 1987 and many of his sprinters would have followed more of less at that time.

I have several interesting charts coach charlie francis used for various clients and coaches asking for help.
British Group Outdoor Season for 13 weeks for 400 meters
Mondays= was broken up in Speed Sessions, then Plyos, Then followed by weights with cleans and squats at the corner stone of those lifts. ( meaning there might be other lifts but those lifts were a priority)
Wednesday = Special Endurance followed by plyos, Weights
Fridays = only weights ( same lifts for m,w,f)
Saturday = speed/ hills
Tuesday and THursday= recovery = medicine ball throws and tempo