lateral pain in ankle during plantar flexion?

my chiro had me start doing a new exercise for my feet. he had me use a band to plantar flex and evert my foot. after two days of doing it. when i plantar flex it hurts laterally and deep to the achilles tendon.
this has been like this for over a week. i don’t know what to do. i have been resting alot.
any advice.
thanks in advance.

I myself have been experiencing the same kind of pain also…I can’t running from the offset…I need to jog contin. to ease the pain and then I can pick it up again with faster strides eventually then being able to put on spikes and sprint.

From talking to my osteopath and physio it seems as though the problem could be coming from the pronounced pronation on the right foot. The damage I have sustained may have come from my foot landings on the track and whilst bounding.

Rest along with anti inflam’s and icing (if you can twice a day) have made it feel alot better.

A suggestion was made that I did some single leg balancing board stuff…I tried it out and it felt really good…going to start to bring that into my rehab/strengthening prog.

Also…when walking around the house try and wear flip flops/plastic beach sandals or invest in a pair…they cushion the heel and ease the pressure off the achilles.

Hope this helps…

hey, thanks man. yeah i have been doing some one legged balance stuff. i will start doing what you recommended.

did you also get alot of clicking in the area?

What were you doing the exercise for in the first place? Did you sprain an ankle? Or is this just preventative pre-hab?

well, i have a back injury and he said my feet may be stopping me from healing if they are weak (he tested and found that they were weak).
i had really tight soleus muscles before as well.

when i went to the gym today. it hurt really bad if i made a strong plantar flexion at/near the full flexion, right deep to the achilles.

i have no idea where this came from.

Sounds like you have been irritating the peroneal tendons on the lateral aspect of the foot. The usual therapy (ice, rest, and a compressive wrap) would be reasonable treatments. See a professional, of course.

Yes I did…before the worst of it came about.

I did a search on what my Osteopath told me he thinks it is…I think he is right…We did some more manipulation work and the pain has eased off considerably. The rest on top has done wonders. Kid Canada check the link below for more info.

good article. i found one syndrom that sounds liek what i got. posterior impingment syndrome of the ankle sounds alittle more like what pain i am feeling.
but i can’t find any information on treatment.
anyone know anything about this?

Rest and some of the proprioception stuff on the balance board I mentioned earlier would be a great start.

Book in to see a good osteopath or physio. I have been fortunate to find one here in London who knew straight away how to deal with such a problem. All he has done with me is alot of circluar freeing up movements around that joint in the back of the ankle and some massage on and around calf area and soleus. I feel better already… :slight_smile:

thanks for the info. are you in london ontario? if so i am going there for the next couple days. i could see the guy you are going to.

Nah bro…I’m in the PROPER London! Uk baby!! :smiley: