Lat training and vertical reach?

I just measured my vertical reach today, and it was 2 inches below what I thought it was. I have shrunk in recent years but not by more than half an inch.

I’m guessing this might be from doing pullups and pulldowns causing my lats to get stronger and shorter? Has anyone else experienced this?

The only reason I really do pullups and lats is to balance out my pressing. Though, a nice back does help with the ladies but, I’d sacrifice that for the 2 inches back on my reach…maybe…

Should I do stretches? Do less lat work? Stick to rows and horizontal pulling?



lol thats a bad situation to be in but it sounds like you have just lost some mobility. training your muscles at their shortest length teaches them one thing, to remain at that length instead of elongated where the tissue is at it strongest and most healthy.

Ya but what should I do? My sport is basketball and I train for it everyday so I’d figure my mobility would be there but nope.

I could try doing stretches after every lat workout or just whenever. What are some good ones? Hanging from a bar? Maybe I should just stick to rows as I don’t care what my “horizontal reach” is.

i pearonally dont use stretches persay in my training i believe mobility should be engrained into your training so as to use the muscle in positions which will have a viable transfer to the field of play. not to say that stretching will have no benefit. what you are trying to do while stretching is to coax the muscle to return to a more natural and elongated state i believe that its is an ineffecient means to an end but it can still habe a benefit especially for the most part you are trying to achieve static flexability. if i was forced to choose a stretch for you to perform i would reccomend grabing a overhead bar with one hand and hang in that fashion it closely reselmbles the stretch you would need during a vertical just dont forget to do the other side you dont want to be walking around like the hunchback of notre dame.

This is spot on, most athletes tend to chop the movement. They concentrate on pulling the weight instead of concentrating on the muscle that is doing the work. This has the added benifit of enabiling the athlete to do 1 or 2 more reps of a particular exercise.

When doing Lat Pull Downs try to let the lats relax when the bar reaches the top position and begin the pull from the relaxed position. This is almost like a pause in the dissadvantaged position. The same goes for your chins, relax the lats at the bottom. This has the extra added benifit of enhancing the elastic component of the insertions/tendon of the lat.

Also, chins will add to your virticle jump as the lats contribute, but your pecs dont so do chest work to balance out your lats.

Exactly. Look at the size of the lat muscle compared to the pec. It’s 3 times the size yet most guys (myself included) will spend equal or more time on the chest as the back.

I would like to see a side view of your posture to see if there are any recommendations I can make for you.

One or 2 quick points …

Good ART or therapy can help restore length fast.

Check and keep pelvis mobile too … Lats attach from the shoudler the whole way down to the pelvis don’t forget.

Try this stretch for the lats …
Find a door handle
Stand back arms length from it
Bend at the waist
Hold the handle with one arm and sit/lean back stretching the Lat
Then bend your head and twist under the outstretched arm looking under your arm to increase it