Lapierre 8.78m (w)

1 Fabrice Lapierre 83 NSWIS 8.78m CA 3.1
FOUL(2.0) 7.85m(2.1) 8.01m(2.4) 8.10m(2.4) 8.13m(1.8) 8.78m(3.1)
2 Chris Noffke 88 QAS 8.33m CA 1.2
8.13m(2.3) 7.22m(1.9) FOUL(1.9) 8.05m(1.4) 8.33m(1.2) 7.27m(1.5)
3 Robbie Crowther 87 AIS 7.91m CB 1.6
7.78m(1.1) 7.91m(1.6) FOUL(2.0) 6.34m(2.3) FOUL(1.8) FOUL(2.1)
4 Scott Crowe 83 VIC 7.65m Q 1.8
7.40m(1.7) 7.65m(1.8) 7.53m(2.5) FOUL(2.3) PASS 7.41m(2.0)
5 Shaun Fletcher 82 QLD 7.52m Q 2.6
7.19m(1.3) 7.40m(1.7) 7.51m(1.1) 7.52m(2.6) FOUL(2.8) FOUL(3.5)
6 Kurt Jenner 93 NSW 7.47m 2.6
7.40m(1.0) 7.24m(1.5) FOUL(2.0) FOUL(1.6) 7.09m(1.0) 7.47m(2.6)
7 Robert Stevens 82 VIC 7.33m 2.4
7.33m(2.4) FOUL(1.1) PASS
8 Peter Parsons 80 NSW 7.19m 2.8
FOUL(0.9) FOUL(2.0) 7.19m(2.8) FOUL(2.2) FOUL(1.8) 5.36m(2.3)
9 Hiroyuki Inaba 82 JPN 6.91m 0.9
FOUL(2.2) 6.91m(0.9) FOUL(2.3)
10 Anthony Lipari 90 WA 6.87m 0.6
6.87m(0.6) PASS PASS

where do you find 60cm? Its not 1968, mexico. Congrats to him. An amazing performance

3.1 wind, but Shaun Fletcher didn’t get much help off a 3.5

Fabrice weighs about 5kg so a wind will blow him like a leaf.

All jokes aside. That’s an incredible jump. 8.33 from nofke is a great jump awesome comp.

There’s a very good photo of him on this link. It looks like he’s climbing a ladder!

also a couple of Fab in “analyse this” thread under Advanced Sprint Training

On a different note; are the qualifying standards for Aussie Nationals only optional? I’ve seen a few people compete who have never achieved the standards in their respective events.

My understanding is if you won your state championship you were eligible to compete in the National championships

How it should be instead of I’m an Institute athlete or my coach is !!

Why not open the Championship up to more competitors?

They did. Not sure whether it was strictly kosher by their own rules and regulations, but I know of two young guys in their first senior nationals who qualified in one event (100 or 200, respectively) but not in the other. Yet both sprinted a double (actually one had a bad case of flu and didn’t run the 200m but he had been accepted to start). Maybe it was also because Perth is the most isolated major city in the world and they wanted good fields to show support for the WA Govt who built the beautiful new high performance facility. That sporting precinct just outside Subiaco is tremendous. I was speaking with Alex Parnov and he told me he uses six separate venues for his pole vault training.

The vast manicured grass playing fields (used for warmup at these nationals) belongs to the university so the chances of wacking a synthetic track out there are minimal. But the grass parklands - at least 3km in circumference - which included a regulation eight or nine lane marked track, are to die for … way better than the lush grassed area at York Uni in Toronto.

Charlie you would love this place.

As for Subiaco itself, apart from the $28 steaks, the parade of 6ft glamours in micro mini-skirts was just ridiculous - never ending. Pity none of them ventured the 3km out to the track… :slight_smile:

I think KK answered it. Previously AA use to be quite strict about ensuring athletes had qualfiied for events, in the last 5 years they have loosened the strictness with the past 2 season being open slather for winner of state titles to compete.

I can remember getting a not eligible to compete after winning a state title because I missed the qualifying mark, the following year the person who won the same event threw less then me but competed. That would of been 2006

Scott Gullan From: Herald Sun April 19, 2010 12:00AM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share Add to Digg Add to Add to Facebook Add to Kwoff Add to Myspace Add to Newsvine What are these?

Fabrice Lapierre set a long jump record. Picture: Daniel Wilkins Source: PerthNow
A “CRAZY” jump has landed Fabrice Lapierre in the record books, with only five men having jumped further than the Australian champion did yesterday.

Lapierre produced a leap of 8.78m - just 17cm off Mike Powell’s world record and 29cm past Jai Taurima’s national record – on his final attempt at the Commonwealth Games selection trials at the Western Australian Athletics Stadium.

But the extraordinary jump won’t be recognised as a personal best or national record because of a strong tailwind measured at 3.1m a second (the limit for records is 2.0m/s).

However, Lapierre rockets up the list of biggest jumps under any conditions.

The 26-year-old US-based jumper now sits in rarefied air behind Powell, Olympic record-holder Bob Beamon, Carl Lewis, Soviet athlete Robert Emmiyan and Cuban’s Ivan Pedroso.

“It’s always been there,” Lapierre said. “People don’t understand that one day I’m going to jump even more exceptional than that. It’s only a matter of time until I do something crazy and everyone is going to take notice.”

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Lapierre, who won the world indoor title with a jump of 8.17m in Doha, Qatar, last month, was under pressure coming into the final round, with Queensland’s Chris Noffke leading with a personal best 8.33m.

“I didn’t want to lose out here, being the world champ,” Lapierre said. "He put the pressure on me and I love the pressure, so I just put it together on the last jump and it was crazy. It was incredible.

"I knew it was big, but I didn’t know how big until I went and looked at the tape and then it was like, `Oh my God, 8.78m’. That’s only 17cm from the world record and I couldn’t believe it.

“I couldn’t have cared if the wind was 10m per second wind, that jump was incredible.”

Lapierre said he was certain he would break Taurima’s record of 8.49m this year.

“I know I can do it, wind or no wind. I’m going to break 8.50m this year, no matter what,” he said. "It’s just going to be a matter of time.

"I wasn’t even feeling good today. My groin has been pretty sore. I wasn’t taking it easy but I didn’t want to push too hard. But when Chris jumped 8.33, I thought, `Well, I can’t lose this so I’d better get one out there’.

“It just felt like a normal big jump for me. It just felt natural, nothing special. But it felt like I was flying, I guess. It felt so easy like I was floating through the air, which was kind of cool.”

Australia would seem to have a mortgage on the long jump at October’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi given the performances of Lapierre and Noffke yesterday and the fact 2009 world championships bronze medallist Mitchell Watt was absent from the trials because of injury.

In the pole vault, Olympic champion Steve Hooker didn’t get close to the $100,000 bonus on off to break the world record, bombing out at 6.01m after also failing twice at 5.95m. He still won the national title by 75cm with a first-time clearance at 5.80m.

“I was 36cm off the world record,” Hooker said. “That’s how far away I was. I am not thinking about it all that much at the moment.”

Fellow world champion Dani Samuels was pleased with her first visit to Perth, winning her sixth discus national title with a throw of 63.61m.

Jarrod Bannister continued his comeback from injury by winning the javelin with a heave of 83.17m, while Scott Martin took the shot put after sending it 19.83m on his first attempt.

Those guys need to check themselves with all this WR talk. PV and LJ world records won’t fall easily. I don’t care about almost. Mike Powell jumped 8.99W and Pedroso fouled a 9.10+ jump. Jumping legal iz hard.


There was a competitor in the long jump whose PB was way off the qualifying mark (somewhere in the mid 6m range). He had qualified in the 100m though.

BTW: Here is a video of Lapierre’s jump:


woulda coulda shoulda

Re-read the article, Mortac. I’m sure you’ll have a more understanding POV. Fab was only talking about breaking the Aussie record (8.49) and the money for the PV record was put up to draw media attention to the competition, not because Hooker was saying he’d do it.

At any rate, who cares? The first thing every 100m guy says (or at least said before '08) when he breaks 10 seconds is that the WR is next. No one bats an eyelid, because thats what sprinters say.

“It’s always been there,” Lapierre said. “People don’t understand that one day I’m going to jump even more exceptional than that. It’s only a matter of time until I do something crazy and everyone is going to take notice.”

Yes…that crazy AUS record…