Lactic Workouts

I’ve heard a lot about them. I know that it’s a workout that stresses your bodies lactic acid tolerance, but what the heck does one look like?

What does one look like? Thats pretty impossible to answer! I can tell you what ONE looks like but then you wont know about the millions of others.

Basically when you run you produce lactic acid. The faster you run the more difficult it is for your body to get rid of it at the rate it is produced.
Doing things like repeated short bouts with short recovery will do it, longer faster runs will also do it.

There are so many ways to manipulate how it is achieved and what use the sessions are at certain parts of a training year. Look through the site for more info.

As tinsoldier mentions, one can make anything into a “lactic acid workout” if you manipulate the rest and/or intensity. Intensive tempo can do this, and there are specific workouts used for similar stimulation.
One that we have discussed in the past is the “Stacking” workout, which can also be performed in a variety of ways. An example would be:
80-100m (85-90%)
1-3 minute rest
10x15-20m (85%)
<1’ rest between each
80m (85%)
The percentages are best done on feeling, not times.

Hmm… I get it now. Lactic workouts are more on feeling than on anything else.

Another question is what’s the difference between lactic tolerance training and SEII ??