Lactic Acid worse in One Limb?

Weird question.
I believe this has happened in the past but I thought the reason may have been because of the tight turns of the indoor track we train at.
Anyhow. Today oudoors when doing an Intensive Tempo session 3x3x100 Rest 1’ between Reps and 5’ between sets @85% reps. between 12.1 and 13.2 per rep. After the 2nd rep of second second lactate acid began too accumulate and was far worse in my right leg (hamstring) than my left leg. This continued till the end of the session. As I said I recall this happenening in the past. Has anyone else experienced this? Why does/would this happen?

ive had that too but it was running 200s. possibly one leg weaker or less flexible?

The one-sided nature of it is prob from the indoor turns- BUT the nature of the issue is the intensive tempo. I suspect you’ll confirm that the sorer part of the hams is low towards the knee. This is because the hips start dropping throughout the session and the next step is a low ham strain. No point repeating my feeling about intensive tempo as everyone already knows I don’t like it.

what do u say to those people who say ur repeated 60’s are a verison of int tempo?

I say they’re doing them wrong. They’re supposed to be 95% up, which is SE

Charlie are we talking about 95% of perceived exertion or 95% of best time at the distance?

I agree with what we have both stated about that occuring from indoor turns, but as i said I was outdoors doing 100’s when this occured. The sorer part could not be pinpointed. It is lactic acid filling my entire hamstring. If I had to rate it 1 out of 10 I’d say my left was 2/10 and right was 5/10.

You think it has anything to do with your knee issues?

Don’t think so. It was my opposite leg. And as I said I recall this happening in the past. Only thing I can think of is that I am reaching more on one side or pushing more on one side. The side that gets the hydrogen ions worse (lol) is my power leg.

Maybe its a techniqual issue from indoor training? still carrying over into the outdoors from the indoor training?
Maybe, it there is a tight spot on that hammie yet loose in the other hammie? Perhaps due to past indoor training?
Get the camcorder out and have a look??

I remember when you posted a vid clip of you running, an indoor 60m I think, and I seem to remember a difference in your leg action, between your left and right legs and I couldn’t decide if it was due to the camera angle or not. Re-post the clip and lets see.

Yes! John you have a good memory. I will post a clip. One leg does come up higher than the other if I recall. An ART guy who I was going to for my knee(went 5 times and didn’t do shit exept make my pockets lighter ) said something about my old hip flexor injury or some type of flexabilty imbalance in my errector spinae which may be causing me to widetrack when I accelerate. Who knows. All I know is I do not have the time or money to keep going to ART to fix this. I will post film later when I have time.

95% of best time. Perhaps current time is a better explanation, though for athletes improving rapidly they are usually one and the same.

Was the issue at the back of the knee?