Lactic Acid training for basketball games PLEASE HELP!!

so i need help on this like for aau tournaments or hs games at night i fell like the whole gamer my body is trying to remove the lactic acid or do something with it and my legs dont feel right

then like on a 2nd game at an aau tournament my body and legs are feeling great and i dont have any burn during the game
so basically i play my best games like that and wondering what training method to use now it someone replys saying its just a fact about warm up i can not agree there is something goin on in my body that hinders my first games




Hey Mike,

You are going to open pandoras box with that question. First before you look at puting the blame on your lactate threshold tolerance look at what you’ve been doing before the season started. Ofcourse playing the game will definitely help your tolerance(hence the more you play the better you adapt). Were you playing during the summer or doing some kind of GPP(General PHysical Preparation). What is your current athletic program like now? There are a lot of single sport and multi sport athletes that come back in from playing something previous or having an offseason, that feel they can’t preform their best. The more you play the better your lactate threshold will increase. For looking to remove the lactate from your body, then start looking at some great books such as Sports Resotration and message edited by mel siff and michael Yessis. I’ve been honored to meet Charlie and during one of his seminars he talked about using some pretty extreme hot cold temperature showers as a form of recovery. I know the recovery part of the message board should help you out as well. Let me know how you go about it. I’m always curious to see what works for people .

To me it sounds like you need a good warm up!