Lactic acid in the adductor area

I have had adductor problems on and off for a couple of seasons and it has been improving until recently. We have just started off season training and are therefore doing more of the harder sessions.

When doing these sessions i get lactic acid in the adductor area before any other region and very early in the session. For example, last night the planned session was 6 x 200m’s with 6 minutes recovery. I got lactic in the adductors after the 2nd 200 which obviously made it difficult to finish the session.

I find myself always cutting sessions short because of lactic in the adductors.

Has anyone experienced something similar and/or can suggest something to reduce this?

FYI: 25 y/o, sprinter. Thanks

Ive noticed sometimes after lactate training or during it for that matter that area and below it gets very tight. Im not sure it is lactic acid however. And when i start to run my next rep it usually goes away.
How can you be sure it lactic acid. Also many ppl. think that lactic acid is what is causing the fatigue where technically it is actually hydrogen ions which are causing the pain as lactic acid is essentially good and can be used as a valueable energy source.

I dont know enough about energy systems to be sure its lactic acid but the symtoms I get are:

  1. Burning pain in the adductor area
  2. Bloating in the area (feels as though someone has injected a large amount of fluid)

When I start my next rep it does go briefly, but I only get half way through a 200m and it comes back worse.