L- Arginine L-ornithine

when are the best times to take it in Capsules form, am trying to learn more about it.

With meals or between meals.

Or in the mornings on a emty stomach.

thank you very much

Usually just before bed on an empty stomach. Can also be done first thing in the AM on an empty stomach if you can wait a bit till you eat after that. Maybe a half-hour will be enough. It will be mostly wasted if you take it with food.

i m taking it in the morning and in the evening before bed like chrlie said.
The results are good on terms of speed and weights, but i m not 100%-sure if this is the only reason…

What about the combination of Creatine and Arginine.

Creatine pre-workout


Arginine post workout.

Do any athletes out there do this, or what are your thoughts on the combination of both.

Arginine helps produce creatine, i read and also blood flow, and growth hormone releaser.

Since Arginine is a precursor to CP/ATP and promotes blood flow, why not before training?

i take arginine and ornithine before work-out and creatine after-workout and bcaa’s.

works pretty well for me!

How much do you take befor workout, 2000mg, 3000mg ???

pre-workout i take 2000mg arginine and 1000mg ornithine

however i take 1-2 more serves during the process of the day
so in total i take 4000-6000mg arginine/per day and 2000-3000mg ornithine/per day

the products i use are from www.med-hgh.com
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Are teenagers lets say 19yearolds, are they safe to supplimnet with this.

Is it safe.

19 is not really a teenager anymore anyway. :slight_smile:

Which is better Creatine or Arginine.

For sprinter which would you recomend. With creatine you get water weight, thats not good.

I’d say Arginine, though many arginine combos also include a bit of creatine

Ok thank you

L-Arginine- L- Orthinine- L-Lysine

The ultimate combination.

I’ve been using 2-3g Arginine/Ornithine pre-workout latley (before track work). I have only been doing it for a couple weeks, but the warm-ups feel better and I can tell it is having a positive effect on my longer sprints. Good stuff.

Could you take a combo of arginine- ornithine plus zma 30 - 60 min before bed or would that be to many pills at night?

I tried doing that once… I’m not sure why, but my sleep that night was so restless. It took me forever to fall asleep. Next night, just ZMA and I was fine… I tend to use the arginine/ornithine combo either in the mornings and/or pre-workout.

Intresting, I wonder why that happened, have others had the same results?

BALCO makes a ZMA drink to reduce the number of pills you’d need and you can also use Arg and Orn in powder form. We used Glutamine powder. You could use the glutamine powder at night in combo and the Arg/Orn in the am before breakfast

Arginine - before breakfast / before training (on free days:before breakfast / before lunch)
Creatine - before training / after training (on free days:before breakfast / before lunch)
Glutamine - before breakfast / immediately after training (free days: before breakfast / before bedtime)
BCAAs - before training / immediately after training (and/or every hour during training) (free days: before breakfast / before bedtime)
ZMA - before bedtime
Omega 3 - before meals
D-Ribose - before training / immediately after training
Multivit - generally best absorbed when taken immedoiately before or with meals (B can be taken during meals, C even after etc.)

A lot of different combinations are possible, differnet over different training periods, too (like creatine for GPP only etc.)

Example: If you take BCAAs right after training, you can take Glutamine before Bed, during the periods you take creatine you would leave out the arginine before training etc.

Note also that some supplements should not be combined.

(before breakfast means approx 30 min before, and on an empty stomach)

Do you feel the difference when you are taking all those supplements for your workouts?

Also what brands are you using?