Ku2u's Football Workouts Journal

Im starting a new journal and I have a personal trainer giving me workouts for this summer. He is the Assistant Director of Football Operations at Baylor and also former #1 rated QB in high school in 1998.

My stats:June 27-06
BF%:Less than 10%


Bench 4x10with minimal recovery
Lat pulldowns
Military Presses
Hammer Curls

Intervals on the tread mill.
10x 30sec@75%, 50sec@50%

Abs circuit
Great workout this is the first workout I had with him and this guy knows his stuff!

Tuesday:Lowerbody weights/Plyo’s/Resisted Power Speed/Med. Ball Throws

Dynamic warmup
Leg Press: 3x10
Bulgarian Split Squats:3x10
Leg Curls:3x10
Leg Extensions:3x10

High Box jumps:3x7
Speed Skates: 3x10
Explosive Stepups:3x10

Resisted Power Speed:
Harness pulls: 2x3x20yds
Power speed circuit:4x20yd on 30degree incline doing Lunges, High Knees, Back-Pedal, Sprint. w/walk back recovery imbetween each Drill.

Med. Ball throw Circuit

Great Workout today! I hit it hard and this coach has great Motivation. This workout was done at Baylor stadium, it was cool. Im going to have DOMS tommorow from this Synthetic turf that they had because it felt like you had to use different muscles or something, it felt weird.

Wednesday:Upper body/Agility

Incline bench: 4x10, light
Upright Rows:3x10
Tricep Pushdowns:3x10
Hammer Curs:3x10

Arm sprints:3x20sec
Leg Sprints in place:3x20sec
Jump rope drills:4x30sec
Speed latter drills

Another good workout.

Thursday:Labor work/rest

Friday:Leg circuit/conditioning

Leg Circuit:
4x:20BWsquats, 10 lunges, 10 explosive stepups, 10 jumpsquats. With 2min rest imbetween.

Leg curls:3x10
Good mornings: 3x10
–7min. rest–

Gassers:On Floyd Casey Stadium(Baylor)
1x50yds rest 30sec
1x100yds rest 30sec
1x150yds rest 30sec
1x200yds rest 30sec

Abs circuit

Notes: I nearly DIED today! The leg circuit killed me by doing it first thing. Then when it came to gassers I didnt make my times in them, and I was out of shape. But the reward was that I met Ladainian Tomlinson, Jeremy Wariner, and Clyde Hart. So, 2 pro athletes, and a pro coach. LT was running a camp at baylor, and my coach introduced me to him. I saw Jeremy Wariner working out on the stadium before I went up there to workout.

Monday:Upperbody weights,DB circuit, Slide board skates, Intervals on Stairmaster,

DB Incline:3x10
Good Mornings:3x10

DB Circuit: 1:30 rest between sets
4Quarters(4sets of circuits)x10-20reps
Upright rows
Hang snatch
quarter squats
curls n press
squat n press
SLDL n press

Slide board skates:4x30sec
Leg sprints on the skate board:4x30sec

Stairmaster Intervals:3x
ABS circuit

Summarry:He nearly killed me again because I have tommmorow off. I know this will pay off when august and the 2-a-days come. I know that nobody on my team is going through what Im going through right now. I also need to drink more water at breakfast and at night because I was water-logged during my training.

Tuesday:OFF/Cardio/July 4th

10min jog on treadmill
Dynamic stretches

Lowerbody weights:
Leg Press:3x15
Bulgarian Split squats:3x10
High Box Jumps:3x7
Leg curls:4x10
Leg extentions:3x10

Intervals:(Raining outside on field)on a Treadmill
Speed was 8.5mph
Ran for one minute/rest one minute, for 48minutes straight.


I wish it didnt rain today because I would have ran outside instead of running for 24total minutes on that treadmill. My weight is still at 152

Upperbody weights:
DB Incline:3x10
Military press:3x10
Assisted pullups:3x15
Hammer Curls:3x10

Metabolic Speed workout(Tennessee Titans made this up):26 total sprints, all sprints done w/15sec recovery.

1x20yds, 15s rest
1x25yds, 15s rest
1x40yds, 15s rest
1x10yds, 15s rest
1x15yds, 15s rest
1x20yds, 15s rest
2x40yds, 15s rest
2x55yds, 15s rest

–3min recovery–
Sprints w/15lb Vest

–3min recovery–
Free sprints


Med. Ball Throws & Abs:done in circuit style

I didnt know what he was thinking of when we used the 15lb vest when we ran sprints? But Luckily this is just conditioning and not speed developement. But next time we do that sprint program, we are going to do 52 total sprints he said! Those 26 sprints werent hard when I got that 3min recovery imbetween 10 sprints with 15sec rest.

You’re working hard, but I’m not sure about some of these workouts. Good luck and keep progressing.

By the way, how did Jeremy Wariner look in his workout? What was he doing (if you remember)?

Ya, I dont understand why he has me do weights then sprints. And remember that he is trying to get me in shape for football instead of working on speed/strength development. He told me that he has me doing High rep ranges at only 50-60%of my max because he wants to maintain my strength and not get hurt from lifting heavier weights this close to the season. But my back is fine now and am able to squat now with no problems. I was squatting pretty heavy 2 weeks before I started working out with him. He says its true for this in the NFL because if a s&c coach gets his players hurt from lifting heavy weights 3months before the season, they’ll get fired. Which that might just be his opinion. What workouts are you not sure about? just curious.

I remember seeing clyde hart having Jeremy Wariner running Flying sprints on the football field. The sprints had to be 40-50yds it looked like. Then I saw him doing Med. ball throws with a 12-15lb ball.

15min Warmup

Leg weights:
Box Squats w/bands:4x10
Explosive Stepups:4x10
One-legged Leg Press:4x10
Leg Extentions:4x10

–5min recovery–

Pro agility/mini hurdles/Resisted Harness Speed:
4xPro agilty
4xL drill(3cone drill)
4xNebraska Drill
All done w/45sec rest Imbetween

Mini hurdles: (4 hurdles, then a 10yd sprint)
1x1foot in each hurdle
1x2foot in each hurdle
1xright leg in each hurdle
1xleft leg in each hurdle
1xboth legs in each hurdle
All done w/walk back recovery

Resisted harness drill: (1rep was sprinting forward, the other was back pedal)
2x80yds(No resistance)
2x100yds(No resistance)
All done w/ only 1min-1:30min rest!

–Abs/Cooldown/contrast shower–

The resisted Harness Drill really need more rest imbetween. When I back-pedaled w/ that harness it fried My Quads! By the time I got to the 80-100yds sprints w/out resistance I could barely run at 75%. I talked to him about Weight gain afterwards and I brought up “David Boston” and they were best friends in high school. But he stopped talking to him when he became a “Mad Scientist” with those supplements. He also told me that DB Spends $200,000 on Supplements per year!

Upperbody/Conditioning/Med. Ball Circuit.


Upperbody weights:

Bench:3x8@160(needed a little help)
Assisted Pullups:2x15
Shoulder press:3x10
Hammer curls:3x8
Assisted Dips:3x10


4x300yd shuttles

Med Ball/abs Circuit

The shuttles were tough after doing upper body weights. I couldnt pump my arms as fluid. I didnt realize of how my trainer had such a good connection w/ David Boston. I printed one article about him and gave it to him, and I also printed out a picture of DB w/out his shirt. And on DB’s Chest, he has a tatoo that is the same as My trainer’s tatoo on his arm! I didnt beleive him at first, but he knows this guy.

Lower body weights/Plyo’s/Routes:


Lowerbody weights:
Shuttle MVP:4x10(easy)
Add/Abductor machine:3x15
Leg extentions:3x10
Leg curls:3x10

On-to box jumps w/ 15lb vest:3x7
Explosive Step-ups w/15lb vest:3x10

30 min. Route running

The leg weights are going good but the Shuttle MVP had too little resistance. There was also only a 2min recovery before I ran routes. It sucked bad because it was 100degrees outside, only a walk back rest, and I started dropping pass after pass after I got tired. This guy can throw the ball damn good too. I bet his foot work is just as good as Dante Culpepper’s. But If he would have just given me a 2-3 min. break between some of the drills, I would have been fine catching the ball and not jamming one of my fingers. I was also very Humid during the route running.

Upper body weights/Conditioning:

Upperbody weights:
DB Incline:3x8
Bent over rows:3x8
Military Press:3x10
BB curls:3x10
Tricep Pressdown:3x10

16x110’s w/45sec rest imbetween.
The goal was to get all of them under 16sec.


Notes:The 16x110’s were very tough. It was over 100degrees, ran on very hot turf, and ran w/ a tight upperbody. I could only get 5 of them under 16! I bet I could have gotten at least 10 of them under 16 if I didnt lift before I ran.

Lower body circuits/Intervals

Leg Ciruit:
4x20squats,20lunges, 20 Explosive stepups, 10 Squat jumps. All done with BW. 1:30rest

Reverse Hypers:3x10

Mini hurdles+10yd sprint:3min
Jump rope Circuit w/15lb vest:3min
Dot drill w/15lb vest:3min

Intervals: Done on Elliptical and Stair master
Elliptical:6x40sec jog/20sec 75%sprint
Stair Master:10min Interval.

Ab Roller:3x10

This workout was alright today. I didnt have to face the 100degree heat. Tommorow is the last day that I workout for the week.


Bench w/ Bands:3x10
Weighted dips:3x10
Lat pulldowns:3x10
Hammer curls:3x10
Military press:3x10
Superset GHR/Hyper’s:3x10

Conditioning: Ladders(Run to line and back)
2x10yds and back,20yds, 30yds, 40yds, 50yds
2x10yds forwards to line, back-peddal back to the line, 20yds, 30yds, 40yds, 50yds.
2min rest imbetween each rep


I ran hard on each of the ladders. So i feel like Im progressing to be in shape. Im getting leaner and more consistent w/ my diet.

Monday:Upperbody weights/Baylor Bear DB circuit/Metabolic speed

Upperbody weights:

DB Circuit:
1st quarter:
Hangsnatchx10, upright rowsx10, 3 position lungex10, quarter squatsx20, squat and pressx10, curl and pressx10, stepupsx10

2nd quarter:
Same as first quarter.

3rd quarter:Lateral stepupx10, 3 position lungex10, curl and pressx10, quarter squatsx16, hangsnatchx8, 3positionsnatchx10, split jumpsx10, upright rows x10, squat and pressx10.

4th quarter:
same as 3rd, exept less reps.

Metabolic speed:
same as the last workout exept 2 quarters this time


Again I got water logged from getting so tired from that DB circuit. It was so hard to run while water logged. I made it through the DB circuit at least. And I guess that the DB circuit was just for increasing mental toughness. Oh ya and it was 110FRICKIN DEGREES when I ran those sprints!!!

Right now Im in colorado for a vacation and Im trying to find a time to get a workout in. At least Im getting enough sleep and eating right with the food provided for me. The air is alot thinner than TX is and Id like to climb one of those Mts like walter and rice did lol. I might need to rest for the rest of this week from all of the intense training Ive done w/ my trainer. But right now Im feeling fresh and sorta want to work a little stress off.

Monday:Leg circuit, Intervals

Leg circuit:
Leg curls:3x10
4x20squats, 20 lunges, 20 explosive stepups, 10 squat jumps w/20lb vest.

20x30sec. on 1:00 rest at 10mph

Short day today but it was hard doing that leg circuit w/ that 20lb vest.

Upperbody weights:
Lat pulls:3x10
Military press:3x10
Tricep pressdown:3x10
Hammer curls:3x10

3x10yds w/full recovery
2x40yds w/full recovery
3x300yd shuttles w/3min rest


After wearing down my upperbody in the weight room, I wasnt able to run good times in the 10’s and the 40’s. In the 10’s I ran a 1.8 which isnt bad but I need to get that in a 1.6. I dont want to mention what I ran the 40’s in because after the first 10yds my form diminished very badly and I was real disappointed because my time was that bad. I wish I could have say the Baylor football player’s run their 40’s, but I had to leave.