Krasnayafleur's training

I guess the time has come… I have read everyone else’s journals long enough! I’m a senior in HS getting ready to compete in college- I’m a multi-eventer specializing in hurdles and jumps. PRs- 55H: 8.36, 60h: 9.26, 100h: 15.3, 300h: 48.3, 200: 26.8, 400: 61.8, HJ: 5’3", LJ: 17’2", 800: 2:26.

As far as goals go, I’m not sure on all of them because until my team gets into meets I won’t know which events my coaches will narrow my focus to. i do know that I want to qualify for nationals in the 100h (14.73 HT); I qualified in indoor, so hopefully this will work out. If I run 400’s all season I want to break 60, and I want to qualify for junior nationals in heptathlon.

For a little catch-up:
Sick… coach forced me to go home

warm up, five-step drills over hurdles, some starts… still sick

Starting to get better- 5x300 w/2 min. rest @ 49, 49, 50, 50, 49
Lift- squats 3x8 @ 175, cleans 3x6 @ 80, step-ups 3x10 @ 50, bench 3x8 @ 70
4x40m strides, stretch

2x200 in spikes over intermediate hurdles (untimed), 3x150 buildups (flat)
still having some trouble breathing from being sick…

Also probably relevant to my training- i’m 5’6" and between 115 and 120 lbs on any given day. I have history of hamstring and psoas issues, as well as a frozen sacroilial joint on the left side of my back.
feel free to comment!

Rest up…your meet Wednesday should be a good one.

If we wern’t training heavy through it, I’d be excited too :rolleyes:

The best training are optimally timed and placed meets so the all state meet is your peak.

I know, and this has usually worked well for me…
I get far more nervous for league meets though, I feel I have more of a reputation to uphold, more expectations, and more pressure there than at states or even nationals.

sunday off.
ate like crap this weekend, i must say… ugh :o
weight slightly down…

ahhhhhh such a weird day :mad: i wore my lucky under armour and everything and it didn’t work
Firstly, it was FREEZING out. Very stiff and cold.

-full WU
-some starts in spikes over hurdles: 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x1
-quick high jump drills and a couple of approaches
-2x350: these fucking SUCKED I was hurting really badly and I should not have been and I was so upset doing them…
-2x200 over hurdles: these were better, but soon after I started having coughing fits (I was really sick over the weekend) and I COULD NOT STOP. I started coughing up crap and tasting blood ewww
-quick lift: squats 3x8 @ 185 :smiley: , cleans 3x6 @ 80, step-ups 3x8 @ 60

After finishing all this, everything just started to hurt from running in the cold… my hip flexor, shin, knee, and back all exploded on my left side. The knee especially sucks, I think my patellar tendon (“jumper’s knee”?) just up and died…
This is not encouraging as I have a meet on Wednesday, which I’m getting really worried about. In my four years at this school, we (girls) have never lost a regular season meet indoor or outdoor… EVER. But given our small numbers this year, we might not win this one. The world won’t end if we don’t win, but my coaches always assume that I’m going to win all four of the events that I’m entered in and the pressure can drive me frantic, especially at a meet like this. I’m doing an event I hate and which will leave me drained for the ones I really care about, but that kind of sacrifice is what I’ve always done. This meet shouldn’t be worth getting really nervous, but coming home tonight I was worrying about it anyway and this sense of total despair was totally overwhelming :frowning:

I hope you are not running the 300 hurdles…

I may or I may not, depending on some factors not yet solidified.
Besides the obvious (tiring, I don’t like it… not legit enough reasons) why wouldn’t I run them??? No one outside of my team has beaten me yet in the past 3 years…

yeah yeah that could change, but waklnucgeoiuheihfuilae now i’m frustrated, fuck :mad:

Try to rest up as much as you can! Imagine how frustrated you’ll be if you get hurt!! :frowning:

If it is an unimportant meet don’t push it. Especially considering the pain you are in!!

thanks… we did not even get to the right side of the body yet! not competing isn’t really an option, but i don’t tend to injure myself in meets. i should remember my own sig and repeat “la joie vient…” to myself every day!

p.s. as far as my knee goes- could squat volume be causing it? i have upped the weight steadily over the past couple weeks, keeping the same number of reps. it didn’t hurt during squats today, but that motion is definitely painful now.

Describe what your knee feels like. My knees ache sometimes from squats, but if you do a few sets of Hindu squats, it might help.

If I bend it past a certain point, the tendon that runs over the front of my patella feels like it’s being stretched too far, more than an ache. I’ve found this often gets irritated when I’m running in the cold, and now matter how much I warm up I’m still going to be a little stiff… It’s still a little twingy today, but some hot and cold treatment seemed to help last night.

Got a lot of sleep and woke up feeling much better in general though :cool:

Another bad-weather day, but not so cold this time, just raining.
I got stuck in a little awkward position because I can almost certainly say that my meet tommorow will be postponed, but I had to treat today as if the meet were tommorow anyway… so I did:
-3x200 quick but relaxed- 31,31,32 (harder training for me would be more like 28)
-upper lift, all 3x8: bench@70, lats@75, RR@75, + bi’s and tri’s
-stretch–> left shin massage :eek: oh lord I was writhing it hurt so much, but it was a good hurt and it got a lot of the crap out, not bad hurt like a stress fracture. So I think I am safe. My knee is still an issue, but I am icing it along with my shin and right ankle, and maybe I’ll do a band across the patella for comp. It’s not bad enough to keep me from running.

I was going to get my back massaged, because all those little muscles in my very lower back and upper upper butt, level with my hip, are getting irritated, which is what makes the joint freeze. Or maybe the joint freezes first, who knows. If I don’t have comp tommorow I might run to the chiropractor.

Actually probably very exciting only to me, but thats what this is for. :smiley:
The meet was postponed until tommorow, as predicted, so I did:
-3x200 fast/relaxed
-3x40 strides
-good stretch
-and then the good part: I asked the trainer to work on my back, and she rediscovered something which I think I was vaguely aware of but for some reason didn’t really stick the first time around: my piraformis on the left side is ridiculously tight and messy. I guess it is back to the pigeon pose for me… I sometimes get lazy with stretches because I’m generally very flexible, and I have been totally ignoring my hips because that’s not where I feel the pain.

This massage was not very deep, with comp tommorow, but it still had me gripping the table and making some squeals. But I’m happy about this, because now that it’s loosened up a bit it has let some pressure off my sacroilial joint where I DO feel a lot of pain, and it’s probably a big contributer to my knee and shin pain- it can’t be coincidence that this is all happening on the left side of my body when I have been laying off the jumps in practice for a while now.
The knee and the right ankle are just some tendinitis, so I guess the plan is a hot bath followed by stretching and then lots of ice tonight, and maybe an anti-inflammatory if things feel especially crunchy. Hopefully not though, I don’t like drugs.
Tommorow is supposed to be 10 degrees colder, twice as windy, and a 50% chance of rain. I’m SO EXCITED for all four of my events :rolleyes:

Meet cancelled AGAIN, prematurely in my opinion, since it turned sunny and beautiful later in the day… apparently the pits for jumps were flooded still or some such.
So instead I did:
-4x100 straights over intermediate hurdles at pace
-3x100 curves over hurdles @ pace
-4x40 strides
-quick lower lift, all 3x8: squats @185, cleans @ 85, step-ups @ 60/60/70, and I couldn’t do lunges because of my knee.

I ran all of the hurdles at 16 flat, which is fine I guess. My PR is 48.3 which was always sort of weird, because I ran 43.4 in the open 300 my junior year without training for it, and probably could have run 42 flat this year if I had run it at all. Last year there was a girl on my team who ran the 400 in 64 to my 61, and hurdled 16.5 in the 100’s to my 15.3, so I had the advantage in speed and hurdle form. But she ran 44’s in 300H and kicked my ass every meet… there were definitely some psychological factors there as well (her dad used to make comments to me at meets, bastard) but I still feel as though I should have been able to run as fast as she did (the 48.3 is from SOPH year!!) Needless to say it has never been a race that I’m excited for, but the workout today felt nice and it was sunny, so I went home in a really happy mood. :smiley:

Another really pretty afternoon:
-3x400 @ 77 (easy/pretty comfortable) 3 min. rest between
-6x60 starts
-upper lift all 3x8: bench@65, lats@75, RR@75, + bi’s & tri’s

A coach from another team actually gave me a really nice compliment- I know this guy vaguely, he’s friends with my coach and he works with guys volleyball. He called me over and told me that he loves it when they finish practice a bit early so that he can come watch me work out, because he has “never seen anyone in high school or in college work out so hard with such intensity and excitement.” It was a really nice thing to say, seems like someone is watching me even if my own coach has his hands full and can’t! He then started talking to my coach within my earshot, saying that if I work out any harder I’ll be going to the Olympics. We both started to laugh because I have already figured out exactly what I need to do down to quarter inches, tenths of seconds, and single points, to qualify for Olympic trials in heptathlon in 2008. I made a list and showed it to him, and while it is still a dream, it’s definitely a realistic one, as long as I end up with the right college program… :slight_smile:

the only downside, which i conveniently forgot to mention, is the complete and total breakdown of my entire body. Just trying to do strides in my warmup on grass, I felt stiff and every step felt like a shock. I have been training hard non-stop for several months, and i always get bogged down with overuse in the outdoor season. Each step just felt unnatural, but sadly enough having issues radiating from my ankles to shins to knees to hips to my back has become a constant :mad:
I really should not complain though, because as it is my last season with my high school team, resting or giving events/training up is not really in the question. except for occasional visits to get massages from the trainer, I keep quiet about “injuries” (they are just irritants… really :o ) and people are not really aware of them- I have learned to work through it.
I am not allowed to get injured or sick… and while the pressure can be difficult, I can say that I have never missed a meet, EVER. I can count the number of practices I have missed over four years on one hand, and two were forced by my coach because i had a fever, and the others I was in the hospital.
the only other weird thing I have noticed lately is that I have been going to bed really hungry… I don’t like to eat right before i go to sleep, but even when i do eat something it still doesn’t work. I haven’t changed anything about my training so i don’t know why my appetite is in overdrive, but even though I eat pretty well I’m sure my diet could use some work.
haha you know how movie theaters don’t like for you to bring in your own food… i brought part of a raw cauliflower into a movie tonight and the guy laughed so hard that he let me in anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
ummmm so this post had no point, ignore my rambling… :confused:

LOL cauliflower - least it ain’t as noisy as popcorn.

If ur gonna get to the olympics in 2008 - start listening to ur body now - I know pain is the nature of ur event but another 4 years of keeping quiet might do some damage - don’t scupper ur chances. :slight_smile:

Thanks, gloop… I think the only ones worth making a fuss about at this point are my back and my shin- and I know what the problem is with the back so I can get that treated every now and then. The tendinitis in ankle and knee felt better today, so the only thing thats hurting is my left shin… it doesn’t feel quite like shin splints I have had in the past, it is an area of 3 or so inches that I can’t even stand to touch. The other day going over a hurdle I landed on it and it sent a shock up to my TEETH… weird. It subsides slightly after I’m warmed up, so I am still doing things on it, but when it gets bad I’m starting to speak up and shut down.
Gorgeous weather has officially arrived, FINALLY! Today was easy:
-4x20 finishes
-PV drills for my own amusement and some variety
-short hurdles: 2x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x5, 1x10- This is the first time all season I have had a hurdle workout laid out for me and that I’ve done it with my coach watching… granted he was in the middle of a field doing javelin while he was watching it. It’s frustrating, but being a senior and a captain he can’t spend too much time with me until we get to states because he needs to stop crazy freshman from killing each other… he knows I can take care of myself well enough for league meets. We had a hurdle coach my frosh+soph years who was not really a coach, I pretty much taught myself how to hurdle, then we had a hurdle coach last year which was my first and only experience with a good one, and now I am alone again.
-I did some HJ and cut it short for my leg… then probably should have done some jav but didn’t