Krasnayafleur's training

Visiting Middlebury- BEAUTIFUL school… i’m really worried now that I won’t be able to choose.
-took sunday off… drove myself up here for four hours YAY
-today: 5-step drills over 4 hurdles, 4x4 hurdles (100’s)- these felt awesome, there was a huge tailwind so I was FLYING
-my left hammy tightened up and started hurting unpleasantly… so i did 1x200 and 1x150 before I decided to head in and try to lift
-squats @185, cleans@85, lats@80, RR@70, bench @65, + bi’s & tri’s

I stretched my hamstring a lot, but then stopped because I felt that was making it more irritated. Knee and ankle feel pretty good, even my shin did not act up in spikes today. My back is ok for now even though piraformis on both sides is a little tight- the pigeon pose has been workng out all kinds of crap.

I don’t know where i want to go to school and I’m in a really weird mood so thats it for tonight :frowning:

Hey kras - could u give more details about the pigeon pose lmao - I’m assuming it has nothing to wit ur icon and I do have genuine reasons for askin, having long term back trouble myself.

Now I do know the lion, the dog and the preying mantis :wink:

Be careful that you don’t have a stress fracture. If it keeps bothering you, it might be worthwhile to see a doc.

Shin feels somewhat better the past couple days… who knows why it acts up like that. I took it pretty easy this weekend, so everything is hanging in there.

Yesterday working out at Midd I felt my left hammy tighten and get sore, and today it still hurts a lot, even just to walk. Granted it was probably not great for me to sit for the four hour drive without stopping, but I didn’t really have much choice… I’m taking today off.

I started hysterically crying while I was driving back and was like I hate my life, I can’t hold everything together anymore, and I got really really sad over the combination of a bunch of different things, which is probably what is making my leg worse- I do stupid things like that, most of my injuries are actually psychosomatic. I think my back is probably the first injury that I consider purely a physical thing, because other things, especially my hamstring and my shins get worse under stress or unhappiness.

Erratic eating this weekend, (and no I do not mean that I went out partying- too busy, so i didn’t) I basically didn’t eat very much. There were all kinds of personal issues with this weekend, lowering my appetite and sending my weight down 3 or 4 pounds. I guess i’ll wait and see if things improve in a couple days.

Re: pigeon
This stretch feels awesome, it gets my piraformis, groin, lower back…
How could it have something to do with my icon? My icon is a mystery :wink:

Many thanks - I’m gonna try this very carefully when my ham’s better.

Good site too ty - and try and mellow out a bit - sounds like u need it.

Krasnayafleur can’t you just take it easy for a couple of weeks to heal up your injuries? Do light work and lot’s of stretching,yoga,and pilates.

Today I went to practice and warmed up, including strides, with my leg wrapped. The hamstring issue is sort of a recurring thing for me, but I decided not to play around with 300 repeats and to do tempo instead, and was finally convinced/forced by a coach to sit out another day. I hate missing workouts. :mad:
So I stretched carefully, lifted upper, and came home to wallow…

most of my injuries are actually psychosomatic

I read the first 1.5 pages of your log and was thinking the exact same thing and then you said it :). I can identify because I have a whole body inflammatory condition and the pain and limitations will often correspond 100% with my mood. Not that your pains aren’t there and don’t have a cause - but the mental state influences so many other things, like endorphins, neuro-transmitters, immune response, food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, allergies, histamine----all these things can greatly affect what we’re feeling etc. and this is just amplified in people with a sensitive nervous system and emotional state - and pushing for perfection often runs hand in hand with that. Don’t be afraid to back off and treat your body with some kindness :slight_smile:

Girl, you better start taking better care of yourself!!! otherwise you might not have a college season!!! damn. nothing worse than simple injuries or lesions going to hell cos people didn’t see to it soon enough. I see stacks of that during surgery, perople with half their face cancerous and they only figured out that something was wrong when they have like a 2nd head attached to their neck!!!

Take more and better care of your pains and strains, it means that something isn’t right, that you’ve gone beyond your body’s capacity to adapt, or gone too far too soon.

visited amherst yesterday and today, another really nice school… behaved myself for the most part :o did go to a party this time.
Just got my financial aid offer from williams, they are giving me 33k!! :eek: Haven’t heard from others yet- the time to decide is coming soon ahhhhhhhhh

Hamstring is still unhappy, (so I must be as well! :mad: ) and I’ve also noticed some soreness in the little stabilizing muscles around my lower legs and just above my knee in the back. It’s not injury-type pain, just tweaky… I must have done something different to aggravate this stuff, and I can’t figure out what it was. I’m going to warm up later and see if I can do a lower intensity workout, and if sprints aren’t working I’ll try some kind of tempo. I really don’t want to take any more time off.

-2x350, 2x200, 4x40 barefoot strides in grass
-longer cooldown than i usually take, then easy stretching with my elastic band
Hamstring hurts, but not enough that I felt I was taking a risk by doing the workout. the warm weather is definitely helping… :cool:

did some short hurdling today-
-drills, 2x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x5, maybe more, i can’t remember exactly… my form is usually pretty close to flawless but today, even though my body felt good, it was like ummmm hi am i a freshman? kind of crappy. slow, even though my body felt ready to be fast. i dragged my calf across the top of one of the hurdles, OW nice little bruise.
-3x200 @30s, 3 min. in bertween: these felt great, considering the tight turns we had inside today (major rain) my shin feels fine, my hamstring acted up a bit but not to the point where i was worried about injuring it more… i think it’s going to be ok. I was good about stretching. knee and ankle were fine as well, i needed those easy days
-upper lift: i would have added lower today, but my coach told me no, i am jumping tommorow
ok this took way too much effort to type, i just got home from a shindig :smiley:

-did some HJ today, it’s been a LONG time since I did a proper practice for it, and equally long since I jumped well in a meet, so the approach doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used to. getting back into it was pretty good though, hamstring, shin, everything felt fine- I didn’t go crazy with volume, and by the end it was feeling a little more as it should
-2x400: 300 over hurdles, 100 flat. I did these @80, which looking back was too easy and a bit too relaxed, because the four minute recovery was enough for me to be comfortable, and I felt like I could have done more at the end. I was going to follow up with a third, but then realized that I was late for work so I had to rush there and run around the store and be on my feet for NINE HOURS oh god… that did not do happy things to my back.
-various “injuries” and whatnot feeling pretty good today, too busy to think about stress… it is off to williams tommorow for the last of the college visits- possibly doing pool practice which I have never done before :cool:

visiting williams, awesome team and very very intense coach here. all kinds of confusion now… i feel like i will probably go here, in part because i doubt that the $$ offer will be outdone. but every time i feel like i’ve decided, i feel like i secretly want to go to middlebury. there are pros and cons to both, there is one glaring issue with middlebury which has to do with a certain boy…

my time to decide is dwindling. But in the meantime, the hurdle coach and the head coach here looked at my hurdling and had me do some drills- my hamstring felt totally fine even though i didn’t warm up at all, and they were good drills. other than that i decided to leave it, it’s supposed to be my day off anyway. dual meet coming up on wednesday… oh lord

dual meets (especially against a couple teams in particular) make me incredibly nervous/hysterical (quietly) faaaaar more than the big meets.

Intense? How so…

300 hurdles? Be ready…be VERY READY.

Sounds like typical tendinitis, it’s nothing, just needs to be iced and stretch well.

thank you for that, clemson… I very much need more worry and stress than i already have about that race, very much appreciated! :confused:

Intense… by that I mean he was incredibly aggressive in recruiting me, has stayed very aggressive in trying to convince me to come, and his kids have told me about a lot of very very tough training. They also said that every single one of them has gotten faster and he’s a great coach. however the point about my aggressive training personality and his aggressive personality being too much for me to handle is well taken… I have until saturday to decide.

-quick long jump stuff
-3x300 “event run” (first 50 all out, 150 maintain, 100 kick it up a notch) We did this combined girls and guys instead of separate this time, which was awesome because I had people to pull me along instead of always leading the pack. In training I usually run 49’s for 300 repeats at my fastest, but today I went 47, 46, 49 with 4 min. recoveries… beautiful. it was raining and i didn’t feel tired and I wasn’t worrying about college (williams…? maybe)
-then 2x40, cleans @85 and step-ups @70 before i got kicked out and had to rush my carpool home

I think the paper is giving me Runner of the Year for the second time in a row… yay :smiley: today started out really ugh and now I feel much better- my hamstring feels completely fine, other stuff is holding at steady or better. this college stuff is wearing on me, but i think it would be a bad idea to go to a school because of a boy… right? and the third option is ultra-intellectual and lots of distance runners.

i must be the moodiest person EVER, but everything seems so good today.
100 hurdles? be ready. VERY ready. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from aid $$$ its a simple question of atmosphere.
Where will you thrive? academics, athletics, social, etc.

We will see each other the next 4 years either way.

How do you feel about purple and gold?