Krans!! Holla at yo boi!

Ey Krans, what you think of my aviators?


Go for numba since his style (70s) is like mine… and stay away from Airbourne…he is very bad news and shread your heart like a warewolf but for some reason women come back.

i know what you mean clemson, girls always go back to the bad boys who treat them like shit…I do believe a cartoon named Baby blues goes over this topic in one episode and in the end the man who was true and sincere had a family while theb ad boy was a janitor at his alma mater!


women love biopolar men…you know the kind sweet soccer coach that teaches a little boy to kick but get’s into bar fights…

I can relate the soccer coach to another cartoon LOL! results of boring late night TV…If you came to the county I live in, You’d probably kill everyone in it, its liek a way of life for the girls to go after the bipolar guys, and the “gothic” looking ones are the trend right now, thank god I go to a private school…The girls there are great!

Krasnay needs a tall powerforward like me to slam dunk her needs.

haha man this board is a riot, nah nah dawg she needs a football player!

I have had more than my share of being treated like shit, i’m ready someone who’s man enough to treat me like a lady (if it has to be 70’s style clemson… then so be it!) and being an athlete can’t hurt… tough to keep up with me! :wink:

Ive gotta say though that airbourne has a point when it comes to my needs :cool:

kras…b-ball players aint got nothin on me! jesss think bout it haha

alright then i’ll think about it :wink: one of my dream guys on this forum has another girl so i guess im on the lookout!

a fine athletic grl…mmmmm think positive :wink:

Charlie has a way with hurdlers…he got one beautiful one as a wife. Man is the best in the world in many things.

clemson gotta ask, how nice does kras look since uve seen her

i hope you don’t really think he will answer that!

Hmmm…my bad…doestn hurt to ask tho :slight_smile:


Since the whole world is reading this I will say this statement.

“She is a hard worker and that is all…I don’t like the direction here but it must be addressed. As a coach their must be boundries and we must be responsible.”

haha i got u

the balance of this post from Clemson was

for the real juicey info I’ll drop you a PM

:smiley: :smiley:

What’s up with your hair, man? I mean, that shit is STRAIGHT across.

ever heard of a fade…