Krans!! Holla at yo boi!

The seventies does that to people. Have a look at the following site for some inspiration:

I didn’t know they did fades with a ruler. Shit. I wish my hairline was an inch above my eyebrows.

haha ur a funny guy…

Now now fellas, lets not trip over our own tongues…You guys are too funny LOL!

I don’t live in the past but I don’t live in the present, I’m not an EMO and i’m not a disco stu…I am who I am and people love me for that haha

Even though I am a guy, but I gotta admit this…Most guys are like Presidential candidates…They promise girls things that they can’t do…Whether it be being loyal to them, or sayin they will treat them good. Thats why I treat them the way I would want them to treat me, its worked successfully for me.

Who’s this dream guy? :slight_smile:

it’s a secret :o

She loves me, she loves me not… a guy can only hope, and a guy’s girlfriend can only be jealous.

I’ll guess NBA3km — see her “keep doing this and you’ll be so f–ing good” post.

haha of course I admire a lot of guys here and I have little crushes on a few and a bigger crush on one… but thats all you’ll get out of me :cool:

Ever hear of Jimmy Bo Horne…lol

haha i just like aviators and trucker hats. if that makes me 70’s, so be it, haha. Actually Kras, I’ll be whatever you want :wink: