komy's road to wj

last week before competition

sat: i did one 120m 13.82 and felt exhausted, guess from running 10.72 the day before

sun: 3k jog, stretches, ABC’s 4x80m very relaxed just to loosen up

mon: 6x30m with blocks 4.05, 3.99, 4.02, 3.80, 3.99, 4.00
1x50m 6.28! pethatic! so i just went home and didnt finish my workout, i had one moree 80 to run but i got sick from my times and wanna dissapoint myself even more

tues: tempo work 6x100m
light plyometric session

wed: 4x40m blocks 5.00, 5.00, 4.88, 4.98
4x100m curves sprint curve and jog straight etc…

thurs: massage
fri: rest

coach’s plan for next week:
sat: small sprints with blocks
sun: light jog, stretches, very relaxed 100s
mon: massage
tues: rest
wed: competition 100m
thurs: competition 200m

chris have u got any advice or anyone else? i would really appreciate some
and hey i got a qs about the blocks settings: its all about being comfortable isnt it or should like some proper measurements take place, plus guys i need someone to tell me about the block angles, which one should be higher the front one or the back.

you should reply to your existing message instead of a new post for every entry :slight_smile: Makes it easier to follow :slight_smile:

What kind of time were you expecting for the 50m on wed and also how was your 120m, was it on target for what you were expecting? What about the rest of your high intensity stuff are the times on track?

i was expecting more of a 5.8/7 but i guess it was just not my day. about the 120 i only started running 13’s in those only abouts a month ago but then i was told how shamful that is and how i should lower those to easy 12s and lower my 150s to 15s. i wish i can reach that by the end of this year. its gona be my target all year. when i do high intensity runs i rest only 8mins or if im too tired coach makes it twelve but never more than that

sorry chris will do that next time, thnx for telling me though

competition week:
sat: 5x20m with blocks 2.74(pB) 2.86, 2.94, 2.85, 2.88
1x120m 13.52(pB) felt very controlled and relaxed very strong 20m at start
2x80m 8.87(pB) 9.00
basically it was just my day

sun: 3k jog, a lot of stretches, very light bounding drills and jumps over hurdles

mon: massage therapy
tues: rest
wed: 100m competition

Good luck in your comp!

hey guys!!! i ran a 10.66 electronic timimg. was strong and fast though my strart my was not the best. first got 10.65 was so close it was unbeleivable. might upload it if u guys tell me how to. ran a 10.92 heats. was a good day basically though my hamstring was sore b4 the final. lets just say im proud of my time! good start for a good year


EXCELLENT JOB!!! You should be proud!


sat: 3x150m relaxed (17s), was still really sore and legs stiff from the competition

sun: rest, was very simply not in the mood to do anything

mon: 2x(30,60,120m)
3.92, 6.88, 13.05 (pB)
4.05, 7.15, 13.15(pB),

i guess my endurance sprints are really kickin in. they feelin relaxed and controlled which is what im really likin about it. though i still realise how much more endurance i need considerin my ‘physical state’ when im done with the sprint

Dear Komy,

I’m quite intrested with your times and training. I wish that you don’t mind me talking a little to you about it. The racing times are very good compared to your training times. That shows that you’ve got a very good champion temprament ( spl ! ). Can you tell me your prerace preperations. I mean what do you do like 2-3 hours before your race and how do you manage to lift your self up to be able to outgo your normal training form into much better preformances.
Take care man and I wish you all the best of luck. Wish to hear from you soon

hey sorry took some time to get back to you. i know its what everyone tells me about my competition times. but i guess its all the adrenaline going inside me thats explodes somewat on the blocks. i rest two days prior to the meet. where i do a very gentle massage therapy that basically flushes out all lactic and crap in me. the day b4 the meet im home. i hardly speak to anyone. i shut down my cell phone and i basically play music and rehearse the complete race as if im actually running it. i know it might sound stupid but thats what i do. i imagine myself there and i just go through the whole thing step by step. obviously watching a lot of mo greene and ben johson to get more inspiration but not a lot of watching cause sitting around the tv a lot actually wastes energy and gives me a sore head sometimes.
on the competition day i drink black coffee i the morninig no milk obviously after my breakfast. i take my vitamins creatine and some royal jelly and other natural energizers. i go a bit early, like 2.5hrs prior to my race. i sit away form everyone and exactly 50 to 55min before i get up and start my warm up,
it basically includes a light jog until i break sweat, then i do my stretches, followed by some dynamic stretches. then i start doing some acceleration runs, start off walking and slowly build up to 80%. i do like 3 of these over 100m on grass with shoes. i only put my spikes on when i get on the blocks. then i do 3pt starts, start of with 10m and build it up to 25-30m. i also do some drills like high knees and butt kicks followed by 10-15m sprints. then 10m prior to the call i lie on my back and play my deadly music which is basically what i play when im rehearsing at home and then its like watching a movie of myself, weird i know! but kinda works for me. then i hit the blocks and off i go. i always concentrate as much to keep my head down as far as possible. if i can do that and im leading or kinda between then if u know what i mean, i know its my game.
hope of been of any help, i know im bit weird somehow when it comes to meets but i kinda do what works for me

tues: tempo 5x150m 18s, rest walk back
light plyos, crunches and hypers

wed: 3xflying 40m, 4.60, 4.29, 4.15 (yuck)
2x20m blocks, 2.90, 2.72

thurs and fri rest

following week

sat: 1x40m 5.00
1x60m 7.15
1x150m 16.20 (pB)
1x120m 13.15 i was dead

short sprints were kind of messed up dunno how, but im happy of the 150, almost there to break 16

sun: light tempo 100s

mon: 2x10m (blocks) 1.83, 1.65
1x20m 2.65
1x120m 13.44

tues: massage therapy
wed: travelling so will rest
thurs: 100m competition! pray for me guys! first time i compete seniors

Thank you SO much komy. I have picked a couple of things from there and I believe that you do aproach your race in style.

I wanted to ask you about something else. You said you were Egyptian. I saw an Egyptian guy competing in the 60m at world championships in Budapest last March. I sat and talked to the guy. He’s really nice but then he got to injure his back through his heat while still hardly finishing the race. Do you know anything about that guy. If yes then just send him my regards. Tell him the fast11_12 and he’ll understand :wink:

Take care man, I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for shareing your prerace routine with me

Great info Komy! :slight_smile:

maaaan that is such a coinsidence its unbeleivable! amr ghars is his name man this guy is a good friend. when i went for the trials in cairo i ran next to him in lane five. i wasnt fit yet for the 60m my acceleration sucked so did my explosive power mainly because of the injury last november so these trials came early for me i wasnt so ready.
anyways, he ran a good 6.90 (electronic timing) to win nice and easy.
i heard from his training partner salem 200m NR 21.03 that he caught a cold and his back injury obviously only made him run a 7.02 in the heats. i also heard he slep outside overnight cause he had a big argument with his room mate in budapest. im running against him this weekend on thursday so wish US both luck please

Nice to know that you’re gonna race with him. But then he told me after these world champs that he’s fed up with the Egyptian record and that he’ll give up Arab university champs, regional and national champs to prepare for a biggie towards the end of the year. I mean you guys have to watch out for that guy. He knows A LOT. And he tells me that his coach is very elastic where he gets room to put in ideas and do stuff alone. With the knowledge that guy knows with a coach like that I guess he will pull out a surprise. I wish you good luck too. Why don’t you join groups with him. Does he live far or what?

Anyway when you see him just tell him high and tell him to get online and send me e-mail, although I know he won’t cause he told me that he doesn’t like to rely on the net for his info and thats why he never comes online! Just tell him
Take care man. Good luck against him.

oh so i guess i might not be seeing him then. im actually planning for a surprise myself in september/october. thats why im competing this one cause i havent really competed with the big guys before so im just going there for the sake of the experience. the guy to watch for (for me that is) is another amr who is in a camp in atlanta preparing for the world juniors. this guy made it to semis last yr in the 200 in sherbrooke, and then a month later competes in africa juniors runs a 10.58 semis and 10.66 final to get fourth, he then came later on to win silver in the 200 in 21.40. thats the guy to watch for, which him in world juniors he’s gona be good!
about ur friend he lives in cairo and i live in alexandria so its a bit of a distance. i will send him ur regards though
take care man

in the senior nationals i ran a very dissaponting 11.00, which is obviously very messed up!!
i have no clue wat happened but i just found my technique had fallen all of a sudden from the 60m onwards which was very weird. so i obviously didnt qualify in that! finals finished at 10.51 which was an impressive run.
coach decided to compete in the 200m though i wasnt ready for it he just wanted to know at wat stage we were so i ran in third heats 22.70 which is a new time for me but obviously didnt get me anywhere.
finals in those finished in a fast 21.08, same dude who won the 400m previous day in 48.25.
any comments on why i ran so much better times only 2 weeks ago, and how technique and endurance can collapse all of a sudden!