Kobe Bryant STATS in GYM

anybody know kobe bryant statistics in the weight room? what he usually does and stuff. just stuff about him regarding the weight room

not sure about kobe but i know ben wallace benches and squats more than some football players

with those legs he’s sporting i highly doubt it.

Ben Wallace can curl 200lbs, one of the announcers said it during a playoff game. I have no idea what Kobe can do.

That’s hilarious.

Curl 200lbs. Absolutely priceless.

I wonder what his max is on other important lifts like seated calf raises and leg extensions?

Kobe’s physical trainer attended one of Charlie’s seminars in Los Angeles a few years ago. His name is Joe Carbone. From what I gather, he is heavy into the lifting (Olympic lifts, bench press, squatting), sprints and plyos. Joe was very interested in Charlie’s thoughts on training for basketball and jump training.

Here is an excerpt from an article I found on the net:

"A dedicated athlete stays in shape, even in the off-season. A superior one gets bigger and faster. Then there’s Kobe Bryant, who incorporates world-class training methods into a six-hour, six-phase, six-days-a-week routine. That 6-6-6 may symbolize a hellish problem for the rest of the league.

Joe Carbone, Bryant’s personal trainer, arrives for a two-hour workout in Kobe’s personal gym as early as 7 a.m. Then it’s down to the Lakers’ training facility for box jumps – jumping onto boxes of various heights – medicine-ball throws, 30-yard sprints, acceleration drills and, of course, shooting drills. The weight training sessions alternate from high-rep to maximum-lift; in the latter Kobe now squats 400 and bench-presses 300. His shoulders and arms thickened so much over the summer that his head looks smaller."

isnt that too much on ur CNS like u guys say :confused:

If he did the same all 6 days, 6 phases, yes. But since the coach attended Charlies seminar, I guess he don’t… :wink:

We obviously don’t have enough info from the article to understand what exactly is being done on each day. I would assume there would be a great deal of low intensity work included in the workout schedule. Otherwise, Kobe would be burnt out or injured by the season.

There was that sprite ad that showed kobe squatting with chains. Nice to see at least some nba players lifting right.

Could be another case of an announcer making a stupid comment that is either untrue and/or unimportant.

The announcer also mentioned he benches 460. For what it’s worth, he’s stronger than any tight end in the nfl in terms of upper body strength. What do you guys think: 6’6 3/4 247 Ben Wallace TE for the Detroit Lions?

Ben Wallace is a beast. Kinda slow though in NBA live…

I’d bet Todd Heap is stronger considering he works with Schroeder.

Ben Wallace recieved a D1 football scholarship to a prestigious college, however, Ben declined the offer when he found out he would not be able to play the sport he loved most, basketball. He went on to play overseas, until he landed a spot on an NBA team. So yes, Ben Wallace could play proffesional football if he wanted to, he definetly has the build for it.

Do you know what college he received the scholarship to, or would you prefer not to mention it?

This isn’t uncommon. Antonio Gates, the TE for the Chargers, didnt’ play college football. He was a power forward on the basketball team. The best tight ends are all playing power forward in the NBA.

List some names. 90% of them would be snapped in half.

The best tight ends are all playing power forward in the NBA.

Tony Gonzales was and is a damn good basketball player. I think for the first few years in the NFL he would’ve preferred to be in the NBA. He even played on a professional summer league team.