knee rehab

hey im 14 years old and about 5 months ago i tore the cartilage in my knee. i had surgery about a month ago after a bout of mono which made us put off surgery but anyway i was spurred to research ways to advance ones sports playing abilities and in the 5 months up til now i have learned alot , it kind of brought me to this site

i have never lifted before but my doc has me on physical therapy and i can now do bw squats… my question is how do i start off doing weights once i get teh go ahead? my situations a little more complicated then the average freshman trainee to say the least

thanks any help will be appreciated

I’m sorry, but I don’t think the internet is the best place for a 14 year old to learn about weight training, for many reasons (which I’ll happy divulge if you want).

You should talk to your parents about it, then either learn with a knowledgeable coach at your school or a trainer at a local gym.

I agree. Many of the people who learn via the internet have “dangerous” form. Though I do know a few guys who have done so and succeeded…usually by video video taping their sessions and comparing diligently to the model form.