knee lift

hello everyone,
I have been doing some indoor competitions and i found out that i have not been lifting my knees while running.I was wondering if anyone can give some tips on what to do to get a proper knee lift while running because i seem to forget what i am suppose to dowhen the gun is fired.I will not be conscious until i am about 20 metres.

Knee lift not only has to do with repetition in practice, but with strength also. Hip flexor strength is paramount. Don’t start lifting your knees in meets, it won’t be proper, try doing drills, sprint hurdles, and other things that promote proper knee lift. Do these in practice so it comes natural in meets.

Not entirely true! Body position, flexibility, and proper force application is more important.

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I found that overkill is the best way, for me at least, to get my knee drive up there (as well as all other form aspects). I didn’t lift weights (regularly anyways and never during track), but overkilling it during practice making sure I do EVERYTHING with proper form helped me to learn proper running form (especially re: knee drive). It took me awhile (about a year), but now my form is well praised and is usually the strength of my races.

Like dazs said, do it all the time and practice and what not and it will become more natural during races. You’ll notice a difference in times, too, trust me :wink: