Kinsley ojukwu, A kid in my district from
Pacific Middle School, Just ran a 10.44

Thats right. you heard me. A 10.44 :eek:

Even though this is handtimed, I still think it would break the usatf youth boys 100m record by Michael Grant, who ran a 10.93

Now I have to race this guy next friday.

Im poopin my pants right now. :frowning:

yeah, your supposed to have confidence when running. But he’s running like in the top 10
High school times.

all the pressure is on him everyone will be expecting him to run sub 11 again.
When you say kid exactly how old?


I was thinkin the same thing. He could be like 20 years old and in 8th grade.

nope. Hes legal (not in that way) 14 years old on June 10th.

yeah, he ran an 11.34 on a bad day against us.
I, being a NORMAL athlete ran 12.03

He’s probably already got a scholarship to the University of Oregon lol

I predict he gets a 10.84 On friday.

Doesn’t really suprise me though.
He ran a 11.8 in the 6th grade.

Woah, That 10.44 really scared me for a second. That’s like some J-Mee Samuels stuff right there.

10.44 hand relax it’s hand timing by an incompatant timer most likely with a wind and he ran a good race so he’s probably closer to the 11.34 than a 10.4 still blazing for an 8th grader but not god like.

oh and j-mee owns the state record book here in north carolina.
10.08 fastest time in state history but not done in the state meet so it doesn’t count. Jerek Hewett owns the state record with 10.34.
20.32 in the state meet in the 200 next closest time in state history is a 20.84c from hand timeing.
in the 4x100 W-S Mount Tabor 41.06 2002
(J-Mee Samuels, Jerrod Wiley, Wes Bailey, Mike Loyd)
J-Mee Samuels W-S Mount Tabor 6.23 2005 second best at 55m in state history
21.22 in indoor 200.
33.87 indoor 300.
23 foot long jumper(of course a girl from north carolina jumped 22-3 in 1976 to set a national record that still stands)

we’ll just have to see if the “incompitent”
timer shows up at districts.

If he runs a 10.75 or below, I’ll belive that he ran a 10.44 that day.

Also, J-mee samuels holds those records as a senior in high school. Not as an 8th grader.

and you thought he couldn’t do it.

  1. Kinsley Ojukwu - 10.72

  2. Daniel Tupikov - 11.79

  3. Jordan Hamilton - 12.07

  4. Bagley - 12.08

  5. Kenney Lopez - 12.29

  6. Drew Drlik - 12.35

  7. Cameron Florez - 12.38