Kimmons 6.45, Gatlin 6.47 (video)

Here is video of the US Indoor Championship 60m finals where Kimmons and Gatlin both came in below 6.50, which is of course very impressive.

I personally know a few masters athletes who have run at this track in Albuquerque, and they ran some sci-fi times too, so I don’t know how these times will translate when heading toward World Indoors, but it will be interesting to find out.

Nothing against Trell and Gatlin cause they ran great! But that idiotic false start rule put out Mookie Salaam and Ivory Williams! Mookie could have placed in the race Im betting.

gatlin looked pretty good and was closing all the way. BTW did anyone else notice just how massive the block steps are!!!

Haven’t you seen those blocks before? Gill Fusion 1 blocks. Standard at all US National Championships. 8" wide pedals.

I thought Kimmons gave a clinic on how to drive for the first 30m, but Gatlin clearly has a higher MaxV. Don’t think it would have been close if they had gone out to 100 (which as always been Kimmons’ problem). 9.80 or bust?

The time differential at the end equaled the reaction time differential.

Is Gat still being coached by Seagrave?
Anyone know who coaches Kimmons?

Just found out Gat is with Brooks Johnson now :D.

Gatlin left Seagrave after his first season back from what I understand.

Gatlin, when he came back, went from Seagrave—>Reider----->Brooks …i think dennis a little bit as well

I believe Gatlin is with Dennis Mitchell now. Believe his USATF bio is out of date, as many are.

I think Kimmons is with (returned to) his JC coach, Reggie Dillon.

Gatlin looks a lot leaner now than he did last year. I THINK this may be a good year for him. 9.80

Gatlin is same size as last year, I saw him in Eugene and saw him the other day out with Mitchell’s group, body size seems about the same as hes always been.

what is mitchells coaching structure like? i honestly thought he could have been a far superior sprinter if he understood how to accelerate properly instead of trying to win from the gun.