Kim Collins

In reading through various T&F message boards, I have gleaned bits and pieces of information about the sprinter Kimm Collins but, still, I would like to learn more. Specifically about his methods of training and why he has developed the reputation as being an overly insouciant personality. I find it amazing that a runner can have a few sub-10’s under his belt with such nonchalance.

I´ve heard about “free body weight exercises” and lot of jumps and plyos besides good genetics but is just talk, not even 1 oficial source. Even so strange it is the stride stile / foot strike from Kollins.

His coach did so a presentation and the information looked like weights might be in the future.

heatwave, you can’t judge him from the “bits and pieces” that you’ve read on message boards. You don’t know that he’s nonchalant. And just because he doesn’t believe in weight training doesn’t mean he’s lazy- maybe weights are just overrated.

“-maybe weights are just overrated.”

… I suggest you edit that, for your own sake. Arguments are pretty steril on this forum when it comes to “the validity of weight training in speed programs”. In other words, this has been debated before, and people got very mad.

I am not attempting to debate the issue of whether weight training is overrated, nor am I claiming that it is. I would actually propose that no-one knows for certain either way. However, if the mere suggestion that sprinters don’t need to lift weights makes people mad, then they’re idiots and I would be happy to piss them off.

Meaning? :confused:

A free seminar in London before the Crystal Palace Grand Prix… Check out the report below.

Doctor Stupid, believe me, no judgements have been made from me on Collins as I’m sure he doesn’t give a *&%$@ about what some white Florida cracker thinks about his training methods. I don’t know if he’s lazy or not, nor do I know about his demeanor or whether or not he lifts weights or trains by sitting on the beach watching women walk by. I said that I had not found much info about him and the fact that I had “bits and pieces” of info was the reason I posted this–in hopes that others who may be more familiar with him may inform me of details about him. Then, knowing more, I won’t have to rely on sketchy details. I’m not trying to get into any debates about weights being over rated or argue for a certain method of weight training. Different strokes for different folks.

Thanks for the link, I see what Clemson means now. :smiley:

He mentioned how Kim Collins does no weights because he doesn’t like them. His strength work comes from plyometrics and resistance work without weights. To get to the level he has, he obviously has an abundance of fast twitch muscle fibres. However, these will age. This, along with general wear and tear will force him to do more weights in the future. Half measure weights, though, will not produce results. He’ll have to commit.