Kim Collins squats

For most of his careers, Kim Collins did no weights at all. When he won the World Champs in 2003 he wasn’t lifting any weights.
He lifts now, but in this video you can see that he’s squatting above parallel with just over 300lbs:

Here he is in 2003:

Important for many to recognize is that, given the sprint potential of an athlete such as Collins (particularly given his leverages and the fact the fact that he is one of the most profound short accelerators of all time), his ability to squat reps with respectable load was always a latent ability that just needed a chance to express itself.

Kim now weighs 172lbs so the weight of 300lbs that he is squatting in the video is fairly light, yet he was pushing pretty hard to complete those reps which were clearly above parallel. He may get buried with a weight not much heavier than that if he tried to squat below parallel.