Kevin Tylers training methods

Could you not also use tempo as a opportunity to strengthen the foot, as there are not many avenues to do so.

Thank you - I had not thought of that. I suppose depending on the rest periods, the 200’s would probably be submaximal.

With the the 300-450m max. comment, Tyler was referring to speed sessions, not special endurance sessions. Remember there is a difference between the definitions of ‘speed’ and ‘special endurance’. Technically, speed is stuff lasting 8 seconds or less per run. Special Endurance [1] is generally 15-45 seconds. Apologies for insulting your intelligence if you are already clear on the distinction!

His larger point was that on either speed or special endurance sessions, Tyler falls at the low end of what sprinters of his calibre can handle CNS-wise, and he has made many coaching corrections with Tyler’s program to reflect this.

Hope this helps.

How fast will tyler have to run the 300 and 350 SE runs at compared to his 400 race pace or are they only run as fast as 400 race pace? As well, remember seeing on WC Helsinki that his coach said they weren’t far from what their training had him running, think his coach said 44.2 they were predicting based on his training. So what kind of open times has tyler run at 300m or 350 or perhaps he doesn’t run it but maybe does invisible 300m time trials in practice, ala ben as he did with the horst hilla session, but over distances of 150m up to 350m. Perhaps this is the reason he is only capable of one 300 or 350 in practice.

Whereas J.Smith does something like 4X350m short recoveries then 5X200m and C.Hart do 3X350m short recoveries then timed cooldowns or something. K.Tyler does the same and fills-out the rest of the work-out with i’m guessing 400m tempo work like 100s or 200s similar to Smith and Hart, but only one 300+run.

JS does short recovery 350s to stay over 40sec till the last period when the breaks are spread to full and the speed is far higher.

I definitely don’t want to put words in Kevin’s mouth, as only he was there, but from the way Kevin so strongly advocated Charlie’s 95% or above or 75% or below theory, even as it applies to 400m running, I’m guessing Tyler’s 300’s and almost all of his SE was all-out or close to it. I’m positive that Tyler could do more than one if they were only in the intensive-tempo range.

In regards to Tyler’s 300m times, I have seen him run the 300 in 32.75 indoors here, looking pretty relaxed.

I’m a bit surprised that this thread went slack so early. It would seem that a coach who acknowledges CF’s contribution to athletes who are currently competing at a high standard would elicit more discussion within this forum. :confused:

What I find interesting is that Christopher and Kunkel train together yet the former rarely goes beyond 300m in a single SE run. In my experience the energy system requirements, specifically the SE component is significantly greater in the 400 hurdles than it is in the flat event. I wonder what, if any, adjustments Tyler made for this?

Additionally I read on this forum that when Tyler coached Niemi he prescribed very volumes of ExT. Does anyone have specifics in this regard?

In the interim since the last post here does anyone have anything more to offer?

I’ve been wondering how he plans on having christopher to continue creeping down to 44flat sub 44 territory? Seeing as how they do no runs or not much over 300, I’m guessing they be working on his speed reserve at 200m, 250m, 300m. Perhaps a progression at these distances the same as Merritt.

With Merritt, every year the guys deuce has been going down, and now he sub 20. As well last year he went 31.31 for 300m. It appears as though Merritt has improved his 400 on an almost yearly basis as he has improved his 200.

Don’t try and run tempo on the balls of your feet with your hips high! It screws you up and tightens achilles! Heel-toe! Heel-toe!"

What is everyones opinion on this?

Also - if Tyler is working from Charlies short to long program - how much different is the program for 400m runners since the 100m program does not have sessions over 60m? Is it that each distance is just longer?

60 m runs are in phase one and longer runs come after. As well even the 60s can give SE with incomplete recoveries. Watch the Vanc 2004 series

This is always a curious proposition. When an athlete makes breakthrough, what adjusments does the coach make to keep the trend moving in the desired direction. The tolerances are so fine at this level, that a miscalculation can be disastorous.

Christopher dropped of last year. Was this part of the plan or did his coach get it wrong? My guess is that only those clos to his camp know the answer.

ExT is by design and nature non-specific. Hence, it need not (should not) be run in a manner similar to the actualt event. Just my two cents.

Correct in the Vancouver series - the short to long program in SPP does not go over 60m.
How long do the runs get in the next phase for 100m runners

Anxiously waiting for the next stage on DVD

My motivation for re-starting this thread was to stimulate a discussion of what alterations Tyler might make to his program as it relates to the 400 hurdles.

Depends on the athlete. Anywhere from 150 to 250m depending on the length and type of phases available based on the competition schedule and athlete level.

Does the volume stay roughly the same as SPP with greater recovery?

Assume you mean SPP1. The vol tends not to up as high as the early SPP1 but is dependant on what final distances are selected.

Charlie when can we expect some DVD or documentation on SPP2 and beyond.
Also would love to see you speak in Ontario some time soon.
I drove to Boston to hear you speak and it was great and would love to hear some more