Keke's training journal / food log

I thought that I might as well start writing up what I’m eating, because I’m recovering from a hernia surgery at the moment.
Training won’t start for another 3-4 weeks, but I might as well get my eating habits sorted out before that. I’ve lost 5kilos since the surgery which was 3½weeks ago, 2kgs are because I’m off creatine, but the other 3kgs are a mostly muscle.

I haven’t been sleeping too well since the surgery, but I’m seeing a doctor on friday, because of the chronic pains.


60m and 100m sprinter
Age: 19
Height: 182cm
Weight: 79kg
Bf: ~12%
Training age: 2years (gotta love injuries)

I try to get my all my food from organic sources and meats from free range animals. Unfortunately getting quality fish is a problem or costs a lot more.



2cups Oats
1 pear
1cup cottage cheese (lactose free)
2 eggs
1tbsp canola oil

multivitamin, glucosamine


50g peanuts


~150g Salmon
A lot of veggies

cup of coffee
1 kiwi


1can tuna
1bowl veggies (broccoli,salad,carrots etc.)
1teaspoon olive oil

I was really hungry so I had to get something to eat. Gotta eat more tomorrow earlier in the day.

1 chicken breast (broiled.)
½cup cottage cheese (lactose free)
1dozen tomatoes
200g broccoli (steamed)
100g cauliflower (steamed)
6caps fishoil

Couldn’t get any sleep so I decided to write this now instead of tomorrow morning and got tired.

Bed: 0055


Easy stretching for arms,quads,hamstrings
walked for 2x30mins

16 to 19-12-2004

I was away on a trip so my diet pretty much consisted of fast food etc., luckily my metabolism can handle it, but I really can’t understand why some people can’t live without hamburgers and fast food. They don’t taste that good and are poison to your body.


Slept really great, woke up at 11:00. 14hrs of sleep :slight_smile:

11:30 “Breakfast”

2 eggs (omelette)
½ redpepper
2 carrots
1cup oats
2cups cottage cheese
1 pear



1 chicken breast
a lot of canola oil


2cans tuna
1cup rice


8oz Steak
Wok veggies


1scoop Casein
50g Coconut milk


I’m Gonna take ZMa at 23:00 and go to bed at 23:30.

Note: gotta buy some more fishoil, I’m out!!
I’ve been sleeping a whole lot better, b/c my pains have started to go away.


Walked for 3x45min.

Does anyone know a website containing info about the II (insulin index) of foods?

I’d greatly appreciate it.


Slept for 10hours

Breakfast 11:30

400g of organic yoghurt :confused:
2cups oats
2 eggwhites (boiled)
1cup cottage cheese
2cups broccoli (steamed)

Lunch 15:00

Tossed salad
2sliced chicken breasts
2tablespoons canola oil

Snack 17:00
Myoplex Lite bar

Dinner 20:00
Came home so hungry that I just ate what I could get my hands into, it turned out something like this:

1 chicken breast
1bowl organic yoghurt
2handfuls of nachos
2tablespoons organic peanut butter

Bad meal… too many carbs with fat.

Snack 22:00
1scoop Casein /w Olive oil

Bed 22:05

Then my friends called me at 23:45… Couldn’t go back to sleep so I went to their place to watch a movie. During that time I ate 1 handfull of chips and drank propably a litre of coke… No good. And then the caffeine kept me up all night and I got some sleep at 0330… Not good at all.


Wokeup at 1230, not good!

Breakfast 13:00 :confused:

3cups oats
1tbsp organic peanutbutter (I could live only eating this stuff)
6 egg whites

Dinner 16:00 (at my brother’s place)

Fried chicken
Olive oil

#2 Dinner 20:00


Snack 23:00

1scoop casein
1tbsp Canola oil

Went to bed at 24:00 got some sleep at ~03:10, not good at all.

ZMa 02:00

walked for 45minutes


Wokeup at 06:20 and felt really good? weird considering that I slept for 3 to 4 hours?! :confused:

Breakfast 06:40

2cups oats
2scoops whey
2slices whole grain bread /w organic peanut butter (C+F isn’t good… I know)
1 egg

Snack 09:00

1cup cottagecheese
1 banana

Dinner 13:00

1 chicken breast sandwich
A LOT of veggies
a little french fries. (…)

Snack 15:00

1can tuna in oil
2cups broccoli
1tbsp canola oil

Then I had to arrange some christmas things and meet some people, so I didn’t consume my next meal until 2240! I was on a really bad mood at that time because of low bloodsugar levels.


150g Steak
4cups green beans
1cup broccoli

all the veggies were steamed.

23:00 Bed

Rehab: walked for 1 hour

wokeup at 0840

Breakfast at a friends house at 10:20

some pastry stuff
2classes pear juice (just plain sugar and artificial flavors…)

Lunch 13:00
150g steak
1cup rice

Christmas dinner at 18:00 to 21:00

This meal defined the term ‘insulin spike’. talk about getting sleepy!

23:45 Gonna go to bed

Rehab: walked for 1½h

Got some nice presents. Some clothes etc, but these are aidful for my training / recovery: got a couple gift cards to get massage (really appreciated it) and some relaxing music cd’s, been listening to the stuff for an hour today and I feel a whole lot more relax. (Asked for this stuff because Clemson praised relaxing sounds in one of his articles.) My brother also got me some dumbbels, an EZ-bar +weights! HAH! He says I need bigger biceps! :smiley:

Merry Christmas to everybody who happens to read this!

25.12.2004 and 26.12.2004

There won’t be any need to post what I’m eating, because it’s just christmas food 2-4x per day.

Next monday I’ll really get my diet going.

I’ll be seeing my doctor next week… Man, I can’t tell how much I’m waiting to get back to training. I really don’t care that this is a serious setback considering my sprint / gym stats.

Also I got a time from my old physiotherapist. I’m going to ask him to make a prehab program for my old injuries so that the risk of them occurring again will be lowered.

Also I’ve noticed that my shoulderpains have returned, and then I realized that I haven’t been taking glucosamine and fishoil for almost a week now. Funny coincidence? Or does the stuff really work?

Been eating crap for the last week… damn it.

Got cleared for training, wohoo! Finally getting back to it, even though training will be light/low-intensity for a long time.

Gotta post a thread about weights after hernia surgery.

5.1.2004 Food log.

Wokeup at 11:00

Breakfast 11:15

1cup oats
2 eggs

Lunch 13:00

150g Chicken breast slices
1bag ~300g of frozen veggies

Dinner 16:00

Chicken breast sandwich
squeezed blueberry juice

Fruit smoothie 18:00

2 bananas
~100g pineapple
80g of Coconut milk
2.5dl of freshly squized orange juice
a lot of ice

put it in a blender and enjoy :slight_smile:

Meal 19:00

Chicken & veggies at a restaurant…

I’m gonna turn into a chicken if I keep eating like this :smiley:

Propably some casein and coconut milk before bed.


Track was closed! just my luck…

Did some bodyweight exercises:

3x8 Pushups
3x8 abs
3x10 (per side) broom stick twist
3x8 squat
3x6 Lunge

Noticed that my hamstrings and hip flexors are very tight.


First time running in 8-weeks and it didn’t feel too bad.

Did a long warmup just to be sure that I don’t mess anything up again.

Sprints, concentrating on technique

1x30m Felt really very tight, decided to back off.


3x8 Back extensions
3x15 Pushups
3x20 (per side) broom stick twist
3x12 Squat

Contrast Shower
Microstretching (took it easy with the groin stretches)

I’m wondering that when should I start doing pullups again, because before the surgery they were the #1 exercise to irritate the hernia… And I’m not really intrested in getting a new one. Also I’m wondering that when to start doing low-intensity medicineball exercises.

Saw the movie Saw today, (funny sentence) and I really enjoyed it eventhough I realized who the killer was pretty much in the beginning.

I’m going to start lifting this week, I wonder how long it will take to reach my old pr’s, but haste isn’t the key here… but steady progress with no injuries.

Squat 160kg 4RM
DL 150kg 5RM
Bench 80kg 2RM (old ac-ligament tear still hurting me.)
Pulldown 90kg 8RM

Got a prehab program from my physio to prevent old injuries from reoccuring, a long list of stuff to do. He told me that I should get regular massages for my back, because there still seemed to be “scar tissue?” in my right erector spinae muscle, which I tore 3½ years ago.

Training plan for two weeks:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


Bodyweight exercises
Squat 3x12
Abs 4x15
Hyperextension 3x12
Oblique 3x20

Weights (really light)

3x10-15 Lateral raise
3x10-15 DB Bench
3x10-15 Upright row
3x10-15 Front Squat

Jogging for 15minutes

A lot of stretching

Bodyweight exercises
Pushups 3x12
Abs 4x15

Prehab / Rehab:




Weights (light)

Pulldows 3x10-15
DB Military press 3x10-15
Squat 3x10-15 (REALLY LIGHT)

Bodyweight exercises
pushups 3xmax
Obliques 3x20
Abs 3x15


Prehab / Rehab:



Deadlift 3x6-10 (REALLY LIGHT)
DB Incline 3x10-15
Lowrows 3x10-15

Medicine ball

3x15 Abs
3x15 Oblique


First time for tempo.

3-6x 60-200m (depending on how I feel)

Prehab / Rehab:

It’s been a long time since my last post, because I didn’t bother to post about those rehab training things.

Anyway, I’ve been training for two weeks now. Weights are still pretty light, b/c I pretty much dropped them out during rehab, but I did bodyweight exercises.
I’ve been getting leaner even though I’ve been eating about +4000 calories per day.
Ever since I started drinking Clemson’s anticatabolic cocktail I’ve been:
1)Getting leaner
2)Recovery has got a whole lot better.
3) The stuff tastes awesome!

Had some bloodtests taken again after the surgery. Everything else was good, but my hemoglobin was beyond the recommended ranges, (135-165) and it was 176! So the doctor told me that I have to donate some blood or problems might occur. Also the things that close your wounds etc. ?Trombocytes? or what ever they are called were too low, but the doctor said there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s only my body reacting to the high hemoglobin levels.

Anyway, this week so far.



Weights / upperbody
Bench 3x12
Lateral raise 2x10
Bicep curl 2x10
Pulldowns 2x10
Lowrows 2x10
Shrugs 2x10

Abs circuit



Abs circuit

Today I’ll study for my entrance exams and go do a tempo workout in the evening.


3x200m (dropped the last one)

~200 regular abs
~150 obliques

Pushups 3x15

Tempo session went great, until the last 200m @60%, During the last 50m my hips got REALLY tight, it felt as they had locked up, I decided to slow down and quit… Anyway now that I got home I noticed long streamlike “tears” in both of my hipflexors, also there seems to be some bruising on my right hip flexor. And I’m certain that I didn’t run into anything.
Anyone got any ideas what these are?

Going to stretch now and put some ice on them, hope it helps…

Okay, after 11 hours of sleep I feel so much better, although my right hipflexor (the one with the bruise) is still a bit sore. My spinal erectors are extremely sore!? it has to be DOMS.

I was going to have my Max V day today, but instead I’ll take this day of as a recovery day -> little cycling just to get the blood flowing+microstretching+ice bath

Also I need to study like ~10hours today…

Oh yeah, I’ll do the Max V session on friday.


15min cycling

Pushups 4x20
Leg raises 2x15
Obliques 2x15

I feel a lot better…

Food log for today

Protein: 300g (150grams came from cottage cheese/micellar casein :eek: )
Carbs: 250g
Fat: 110g



2x40m standing start
2x50m standing start
1x60m from the blocks, last rep I started limbing because the damn right hip flexor was bitching again…


Full Squat 3x8
Bench 2x8
DL 2x8
Hyperextension 2x10
Pulldowns 2x8
Tricep extensions 2x12


Note: Monday I’ll get a massage


Abs circuit
4x15 abs
2x15 leg raises
4x15 obliques

2x20 pushups
6x8 pullups

I’m still not able to run, the right hip flexor is really bothering me.

Been lifting quite intensively lately, cannot run until I get those ortho"whatevers" for my shoes, due to my right leg being a few centimeters longer than my left one.

Turned 20 today :slight_smile:

I never knew that being dumped could give you some much motivation to train and especially to watch your diet…

Exit exams are over… Haven’t been doing anything since my last post, been only studying and my diet has pretty much consisted of fastfood etc… . I know I could have had to diet thing good If I had only drank supplements / put my food in containers etc. Didn’t train because of stress which caused me to get very sick.

Any way, now I’m studying for my college entrance exams, but I gotta continue training if I wanna run this summer, so I guess I’ll start with a Accumulation phase before moving to GPP, partly because the snow needs to melt a few more weeks before I can start running hills :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna be training first thing in the morning… We’ll see how it goes.

Monday track+weights

Long warmup

4xFlying 20’s

Bench 4x5 (Only low-reps for b/c of shoulder)
Db incline 3x15 (LIGHT to strengthen the connective tissues)
Lat. pulldown 3x10
db. rows 3x10
Upright row 3x10

Abs 3x15
Obliques 3x15

Tuesday OFF

Wednesday Weights + corework

Long warmup

Squat 3x10
SLDL 3x6
Deadlift 3x8


Abs 5x20
Obliques 5x20
Leg raises 3x10
Back ext. 4x10

Thursday OFF

Friday track+weights


Incline 3x10
Lat pulldown 3x10
Chins 3x6-10
Hyperextension 3x10
Lat. raise 3x10

Rotator cuff work

Abs 3x15
Obliques 3x15

Saturday Tempo


Depletion pushups

Sunday OFF