Justin gatlin ruliing on friday 6/6!

So what do yall think will be the ruling. I would like to see him coome back. OVer at trackshark they seem to think that he will just come back and make the olympic team! I dont see it happening at all. He will be lucky to make the us champs imo. I give him a good 10.4 first race and maybe by august-sept he may be in the 10.1 range. But ofcourse he will not make the team.

No disrespect for US elite male sprinters (excluding top NC performers), but the quality of depth is not the same as the women’s sprints. Having said that, and looking at the present status of entries, I would think it possible to make the finals. This is assuming of course that rounds fitness and ability to summon up top speed and sustenance of same is close to that of '06 performances.

Who is he training with and where?

They won’t let him back. If they do, he will make the trials and do well if he has been training.

based on his 40yd time he hasnt been training.

That’s his own dumbass fault. I wonder what his job is right now? McDonalds?

I heard he was a salesman for tmobile.

I’d say the men’s field has been at somewhat the same level of performance for around the last 5 years.

The women’s field is amazingly competitive right now from top to bottom for the US.

Damn did he get a degree?

The last 5 years I don’t think so. We had Maurice Greene and company then you remember? The US were stacked.

I thought he did in Graphic Design.

I doubt he needs the money.

Denied: http://www.tas-cas.org/en/infogenerales.asp/4-3-1330-1092-4-1-1/5-0-1092-15-1-1/

ha ha damn thats f up. How many more years does he have left.

I’m guessing another 2

Guys so this doesn’t get out of hand can we call this thread to an end as it is skirting around the forum rules.