Just got back from Pro Football Combine

I horribly overtrained. :mad: Sprained my left foot (pushoff foot) couldnt explode for crap (WR)
I totally redid my training regiment afterwards.
I used to train M-Fri super intense…wore myself ragged :eek:

My new Training protocol will be as follows
Monday-(Weights) Legs-Back-Biceps
Tuesday(Weights) Chest-Shoulders-Triceps
Wed (sprint training/plyometrics)
Thurs (Repeat Mon)
Friday (Repeat Tues)
Saturday (Repeat Wed)

No weights on Wed/Sat/Sun
my sprint training will be based on 100m training and plyometrics (explosiveness)
I have adjustable hurdles, and adjustable 20lb weight vest, pulling sled, bullet belt, weighted jumprope (1-2lbs)

I need to increase my explosiveness on the 40. My time is in the low 4.7’s and that is terrible for a WR. My goal is getting it into the 4.5’s which It was before…about 5 yrs ago (i did intense tire pulling and plyomtreics , i also only weighed 170lbs) now I am 187lbs.

Easiest method I’d say is lose weight. I hear numbers around 8% bf or lower is what they want you at, at the pro speed camps. I’m thinking about testing this out next year when I compete towards nationals or conference. I think you may want to strengthen hip flexors and extensors some to, to help with leg lift. Hopefully this gives you some insight on stuff to look into. So whats pro day like anyways? Are there alot of really good players out there that don’t make it?

Bodybuilding split.

100m? Meanspeed train for the 40 man!

Whoops i posted a message on the wrong page.

i figured training for the 100m, makes the most sense. 100m speed has a direct correlation to 40 yard dash speed. My goal is 4.5 short term and 4.35 long term.
i am 5-11 and weigh 187 lbs.
Pro _Day/Combine is interesting. CHecking in took about 45min -1hr. it was hot as hell. I will be back next yr better and mentally prepared.

Every year it’s going to be harder for you to be competitive. Did you play football in college? Check out xlr8’s thread and even with awesome numbers it’s tough to get in with a team. I’ve got a DB (200, 4.45 40) who played Div.-I in the SEC and is just trying to get a spot in the CFL. A lot of things have to go your way to get in.

i just want to ge in the Arena league to start…or even the Euroleague would be ok, for 1-2yrs

If you’re looking at the arena league then you really dont’ need to be training for the 100m.

And like Speedkills said you’ve got a bodybuilding split going on there.


I think most AFL teams host open tryouts in the late summer…sign up!

Do you have to have any real credentials to go to one of these combone type events? I may want to give it a try for fun.

what would be an example of a “non-bodybuilding” split? Would it have more repetition (upper-body day, lowerbody day, rest)?

Barbell Jump Squats
Dumbbell Overhead Press
Plyo Push-Ups
Inverted Row
Barbell Step-Ups
Rotator Cuff

Power Clean
Bench Press
Bent-over Row
Front Squat
Integrated Rotator Cuff/Scapulothoracic Work
Barbell Lunges

So basically it is more basic? Just one or two exercises per muscle group? If your a beginner, would it be best to do a body-builder routine so you can hit everything?

That’s just a 10-second example so no it’s not more basic. It is more appropriate. The set/rep/rest variables will challenge development more than doing bodybuilder splits. You will hit everything by training major movements. Isolated, structural work is good if you have serious weaknesses or imbalances. I would never start someone with a bodybuilder routine, but I would start someone with more general movements. The example I referenced would be one part of a training program and the other work you perform would be more on the supplemental side.

Not more basic, rather more complex. With charlies work you are balancing plyos, sprints, strength training, explosive med ball, GPP med ball, calisthenics, tempo runs, flexibility, etc…

There is a lot to consider. You don;t have the capacity to do high volumes of everything.

Remember less is more

SpeedKills: What is an inverted row??? thx

See Michael Boyle’s Functional Training for Sports, or:

  1. Use a squat rack or smith machine and set the bar at bench press height.

  2. Set up a bench that runs (length-wise) parallel to the bar.

  3. The grip position can change, but a standard bench press grip works fine.

  4. Put your feet up onto the bench so that your shoulders hang directly beneath the bar and your body is straight.

  5. Pull-up

  6. Piss and moan

An upside down pushup. This is done while gripping a bar you have in a squat rack to prevent injuries when squatting heavy. You can have your feet on the ground or elevated. You can pause with your chest against the bar for time. Avoid using to much hip thrust, if you have fat football players. Great for levator scalpae, rhiomboid major/minor, scapular retraction. I used to to assist a QB with a partial tear in a rhomboid. Hits the forearms also.