Jump Stretch...Yes or No?

I live near a jump stretch facility, for those who do not know what jump stretch is, it is like a gym, and they use large, various resitance rubber bands to help build speed by placing the rubber band around your waist and they have the other end tied to a bar and you sprint out about 10 yards, then you would back pedal back to the starting position. Generally this is done for about 15-30 seconds, using different positions, ie. sprinting, backpedaling, and side stepping(like a defensive stance used in basketball).

I would like to know the opinions of the members of this forum on this, as far as actually building speed goes and converting that speed to the playing field. Basically, do you think it’s legit and worth spending 30 bucks a month, or just stick to the basic track work and Charlies Training system.

Sounds like a waste of 30 bucks. Stick to the basics. There is less chance of injury this way.

Invest your money into 90 days of recovery with ZMA…at 9.99 a pop it’s a great value. Or buy a fraid nots rope at http://www.tomdrum.com with udos oil!

Dont’ waste your money on a jump stretch.

Seems backwards, as resistance increases the further you go, where, normally it would decrease.

if anyone is interested the website is www.jumpstretch.com it explains the whole thing better than i can…

seems gimicky…

what’s wrong with a power clean?

90 days? 30???

Don’t westsiders use it for lifting?

30 bucks=3 ZMAs=270 pills=90 days.

yeah, but they use it for lifting and with the sled mills, i do not belive they use the bands how it was described by GenetikFreak

The bands are good for stretching…not for running…My school’s football team uses them for resistance sprints…The first year they implemented them we had numberous injuries…then this past year we have had 4 people get injured, 3 being leg related and the otherb eing a colar bone fracture. You be the judge.