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Sled, 3 point and max speed from today at full and 1/4 speed. While still have a long way to go I actually feel like things are the best they’ve been for the last few years. :cool:


Here feedback re the above video I got.

in your starts, it appears your driving too hard with your arms Back, instead of just down. Looks like your arm is breaking till nearlly straight then continuing Backwards for some range. In your Upright stance on the red track this does not appear to be the case.
Hard to see knee height, but it appears your left leg (knee) has greater height than your right leg. (hips twisted) or could be camera angle? but does appear to be “out” - not much though, maybe an inch.
Seem to have shoulder rotation = Good
Seem to have slight Hip height = good
Looking at the slow sled pulls
both feet are not landing Straight. Esp the right foot, seems almost 45deg pointing outwards. Typically means tightness in the Lateral or outside part of the hips And OR Hamstrings. There are two main hammies, one on the inside, the other the outside - the outside one if tighter or knotted or just shorter will pull your foot that direction.
The hip flexors and Lateral thigh can do the same And a combination of all them muscles. A little bit here and there over a large group all add up. It would make a huge difference to your times, your ability to run pain free, recover faster and enjoy it more as a result.

Vid from today 11 weeks later (crikey that long :p)


did the adjustments make you faster?

Good question. :cool: I am not doing any timing as I train solo and since then most has been hill work again where for SE I ran for time not distance. I only started SE again on the track on Wednesday and they were from blocks so tricky to self time that way. Flexibility has increased though and I feel faster (like that means a lot :rolleyes:) I’ll know for sure in 4 weeks when the season starts.

Wow John, the second video looks so much better! Looking forward to hearing about the start of your season.

That right leg is Vastly better!! Well done “got to love that foam”
Both knees are getting higher, and not only higher, but they look like they “fall up” instead of you having to Drive them up with a 10tonn crane …

i do have to ask - what is your Left arm doing? It looks like it is swinging way out to the side on the downwards movement

Thanks guys, yeah it will be interesting to see how things go. I am actually pretty nervous as the last 3 years (maybe 4) I have picked up, or had, an injury in the month before the season starts. 1 year it was the last rep of the last SPP session! :o

Bold, re the arm, yeah it dos look odd but I wonder if that is accentuated by the camera angle? :confused:

I’ll try and get some SE reps done over the next couple of weeks.

yeah, thats my thoughts - thought i would bring it up just in case it’s not.

The better your form is - such as picking up and fixing those few hip issues with your foot drifting out, the more of a chance of coming out Injury free this season.

Which leads you into double checking your arm mechanics. Better safe than sorry.

A side view of a Start AND a Top speed even just 10m worth would be worth a look.

I just looked at parts of GPP Essentials and the arm movement of the runner right at the start of it shows a definite angling actually more pronounced than mine appears to be.

Will see what I can arrange re the starts. Side on?

Here is some plyos and hurdles from last night, as you can see from the hurdles, which were as low as they go, my stubby legs struggle to get over them correctly :stuck_out_tongue: I might actually change to the lower ones I use for the plyos for walkovers.


What type of flooring is that?
Hurdles are short enough, there is still some tightness in your hips, perhaps also in your groin.
If you have a 2 or 3kg medball, them hard ones, use that ball as part of ur foam rolling around your hips. It works amazing. There are so many muscles around the hips, the flat foam tube only does so many.

What type of flooring is that?
Hurdles are short enough, there is still some tightness in your hips, perhaps also in your groin.
If you have a 2 or 3kg medball, them hard ones, use that ball as part of ur foam rolling around your hips. It works amazing. There are so many muscles around the hips, the flat foam tube only does so many.

The floor is concrete with a rubbery section then a strip of old track, that is our clubrooms not my garage :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t have one of those med balls as mine is soft but do have some other stuff I can use. Was commented on having my massage last night how looser I am now than previously so starting to pay off. Also felt doing tempo how much higher my hips are now.

Glad to see you improving and enjoying it all more! :cool:

Thanks, being injury free makes a HUGE difference. :smiley:

Also appropriate that I recognise the valuable contribution of RJ24. Earlier this year when I was really frustrated due to my performance retrenching even further, being injured with niggles for 5 or so months and other crap he challenged me to dramatically change things. Without that impetus I don’t expect I would be where I currently am. :cool:

Top speed from today


Arms too much back need to come straight down and up a bit higher that should help reduce excessive rear side action which is there.

Left foot turned out

The last rep was a 50m and I felt I tried too hard and forced it. Others were ok.

Good Footage John.
Agree with what you say on there.
Left foot is out, and not as high knee action as the right, but Miles better than what footage we have seen before. Again, look to the hip flexor and possibly opposite Groin.
Arm action, on top of what CF said about practicing it infront of a mirror, try also doing it whilst on a miniTramp - it may help. Not for Instability, but for feeling your arms working harder.

Did you also notice your Hip height? It’s there = awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks Bold yes things are starting to come together at last. Deciding to cut short a terrible season and the massive programme changes this winter (cross training, upper and and lower split rather than full body workouts, no SE past 150m and lower volume workouts) were the right call.

Will be interesting to see in say December when the regular massages have been in place a while and I’ve had some races under my belt.

Re the groin, while not an issue presently the right side was a bit tweaky at times over winter. Have got used to new foam roller enough now to be able to work hip flexors with it.

Re hip height yes it is is [b]much /B] better and actually the most I noticed it was last Mondays tempo session.


Looking good John :slight_smile:
What are the first skips called? Are those the “skip bounds” on the template?

My RRLL’s look more ‘dangerous’… I’ll tape this weekend and have some ‘expert’ tell me if I’m destroying my legs :o
Your alternate leg bounds look fluid…

I would like feedback on the double leg hops, as I’ve never seen them demonstrated the way you do them (I’ve seen then more done ‘on one spot’, with emphasis of toes-up, or in the style of depth-jumping, with little ground contact time).

Thanks for posting!!!

As I said elsewhere, I wouldn’t take what I do as necessarily correct.

Yeah skip bounds.

I look forward to viewing the ‘dangerous’ LLRR :stuck_out_tongue: