John Smith GPP!

6-8 Weeks! (Grass)

M. Ladder w/o, 6-5-4-3-2-1, walk distance below what you ran or, repeat 600’s

T. Tempo, notice the CF influence
100-100-100 50m walk btw reps/100m btw
100-100-100= 2200 meters

W. Power Speed:
6x20 A skip with 20m cruise
6x20m B skip, etc
6x20m high knees, etc
6x20m kick backs with 20m cruise
6x20m cruise to 20m Accel to 20m cruise
10x 200m @70-80%, 90 sec. int.

Th. Tempo, 100 walk/jog btw reps, 100 walk btw sets:

F. 20-30 minute run

Yea, no kidding!

I have talked to John briefly about his system. I don’t think he would admit to it though. (The similarity)… Oh well. Charlie have you talked to John about your systems and the likeness and differences? It would be interesting to hear how you see it?


It’s not a “similarity”, it’s the same exactly and it’s mine. John Trained here with me in 1981 and got it from me then. In fairness, you will see the multi-position sit-up sessions on our videos, such as Project Jane, and I got the circuit from him.

Why is it in this profession people can’t give credit where credit is do? Charlie when I spoke to him, man that’s not at all how he was? It was his?? He was very nice and I respect him, but my god enough with people taking peoples stuff and claiming it for their own. Everything I know is somebody else’s stuff…I like the fact that I have learned from lots of people. Is that a bad thing?


Some people are just to proud to admit that they learned from someone else. If I every come up with an original idea, I’ll let you guys know. It may take some time, though.

That might be the case recently. However, it was quite the opposite during a discussion with John in '87 when he was was working with some extraordinary long sprinters. He pointed out things that several coaches had done or were doing, including the regimens of CF. I understood John as a good listener and an even better improviser (tailoring training schemes to match the talent he had on hand).

How much rest is between each tempo rep, and does the time stay consitant throughout all the sets? What are the optimal times or percentages for the tempo runs?

Could you explain what this means. Is it tempo work (600-500-400-…)?

I don’t believe these were fast at all, they were done on grass, I have another John Smith Fall program, ( from his popular Sprints and Relays tape) but found this one because it resembled the CFTS so much.

As little as you need but enough to avoid lactic. Aim to complete the workout at the same pace as you start it. In the 100+100+100 session the “+” means walk 50m. This is your rest. Temoo runs are at a maximum 75% of best time at that current point in your training.

It is 600m, walk 500m
500m, walk 400m,
400m walk 300m,
300m, walk 200m
200m, walk 100m
100m finish!

It was a lot less politically expedient in 1987 to distance himself from me! Don’t get me wrong. John is a brilliant coach and has proved it over and over.

Charlie, that kind of stuff is more geared towards 400 m specialistas??I imagine we should add circuits and weights

When I made the post I omitted the weight portion only posting the running w/o’s to show how similiar it was to Charlie’s program, Jim Bush, John Smith’s coach would have ALL his sprinters train as quartermilers in the fall, then separate come January, speaking for myself, I prefer the CFTS even at my “elder” sprinting age.

400m person or a sprinter that cannot handle too much intensity. I could definitely see this working well with CF’s long to short program.

Oldspeeder - just b/c I’m curious - do you have the weight portion… Id be eager to see what kind of intensity they are prescribing in GPP

Sorry to revive an old post, but oldspeeder said that he had another fall program from JS. I was wondering if that is still available.


On that note, where is the speed? Looks like all tempo for 6-8 weeks for these guys. I guess that is one big diff between CFTS and this particular program.

Yeah, where is the speed. i thought Charlie said in Speed Trap he did not like to venture away from speed for more than two weeks. i also remember ato bolden saying that he never ran over 400m in a workout. so what is with the 6 5 4 3 2 1?