Johan Wissman

From Matti Vesterinen’s Decathlon blog site.

These are his notes from a presentation by Kenth Olsson, Wissman’s coach, at Pajulahti:

“Olsson sees that speed is the key to success in 400m and that is evident if you compare the 200m times of the best 400m runners. That is why, for example, Wissman competes a lot on 200m. Olsson seldom makes his trainees to run over 250m runs. What they run they usually run fast and also short recuperation times are common. He also favors non-competition distances and likes to change the content of the sessions constantly, so that the trainees would not get to compare their results and would not get bored. Example running trainings are (from week 47): Mon: 4×60m 95% /3min, 2×4x60m /15s -5min- and Wed: 4×30m + 2×60m resistor, 2x(220m+200+180) 90-95% /5min -8min-.”

Here’s video clip that goes along with it:

Sounds very short-to-long.


VERY. I also like the ideas of the varity of runs as that should help avoid what KK refers to as dynamic stereotyping where you basically get used to running at X speed. That was one of the reasons he gave for favoring a concurrent model.

Pretty obviously S-to-L and with proven results from an elite male athlete.

I find it interesting that there are similarities between Wissman’s preparation and Tyler Christopher’s.

I would be curious what the progression prior to week #47 looks like.