joesixpack's log

starting from zero got nothing to lose…

I’m 20 years old. I work and go to school full time. Once I was super, and now I’m a slob.
Time to claw back. I’ve got just under 730 days from now until I graduate college - lets see how far the absolute bare basics take me. I’m willing to wager pretty far.

Sunday we begin.

In less poetic terms, I really am in the tall grass as far as how far back my fitness has slid.

The keys I hope people will take away from my log are PROGRESS and GRADUAL ACCUMULATION.

I have a plan in mind. Feel free to comment, but leave the critiqueing for somewhere else. Believe it or not, I’ve been at the research game a while. BTW, its not my job to provide a detailed schedule - its my job to set an agenda and move toward those goals. If you pay attention to exactly what I say and what I don’t say, then everything will become obvious.

All I will say is that I am starting at block zero. this log will be tedious and boring, so I will try to spice it up somehow.

Current Song “Honest Mistake” by The Bravery

Welcome aboard… Best of luck to ya.

Thank you Cortese, I enjoy your posts a great deal.

GOAL: 49.XX 400m (a 2 second PR)
BY: May 07

Why 400m? A 400m runner must have the perfect blend of speed and endurance in order to run it well. It doesn’t hurt to be crazy either, and that I can count on.
obviously, there are benchmarks to achieve, and I will keep everyone abreast as to what they are. And if it seems far fetched, well, I don’t care

Some of my inspirations.
CFTS, by Charlie Francis
Anything by Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Jason Feruggia, Joe DeFranco, Jack Reape, Pavel Tsatsouline, Matt Wiggins, or Mike over at the Elitetrack site.
The Brothers Karamozov by Fyodor Dostoeyvsky
It All Adds Up by Saul Bellow
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe
Men at Work by George F. Will
1776 by David McCollough
What’s So great about America by Dniesh D’Souza
Reason by Robert Reich
Death in Venice by Thomas Mann
The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway
Exodus by Leon Uris
Illiad by Homer
The Politics by Aristotle
Leaves of Grass by Whitman
The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and the first half of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Twain
Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, about a gajillion country songs by one hit wonders 50 and the G-unit crew, Usher, Frank Sinatra et al, John Coltrane, Fleetwood Mac, CSNY, CCR, Ludacris, The Killers, The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, Ryan Adams, Oasis, Third Eye Blind, Guster, some Dave Matthews, Wallflowers, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Handel, gregorian chants, niguns, and Simon and Garfunkel.
I have a thing for the impressionists, but pretty much am astonished by all art except baroque and modern art and I can’t see a picture of the American Flag, the Capitol, White House, Ground Zero hear a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, my perfect golden retriver or my brand new baby cousins without being moved to the verge of tears. I have the coolest little brother in the world and I think my parents did the right thing by divorcing.
I grew up in the middle of nowhere and somehow ended up cultured because to everyone’s chagrin, the above list is not every book I’ve read, nor every band I’ve heard nor every everything, can tell the difference between straw and hay, qoute scripture chapter and verse, have rode horses and shot shotguns, enjoy lots of sex, fine cuban cigars and Johnny Walker, and sleep on average 4-6 hours a night because if I sleep more I get bored.
I shall, like Thoreau always love the dawn and the hope each new day brings.
I believe in the cock, the pussy, the soul,the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, that Lee Harvey acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.
I believe everyone on the planet ought to know exactly which of my 600 some odd favorite films that last paragraph comes from.
When my tombstone is engraved it shall have the inscription that “here lies joesixpack, a man whose better angels were defeated by his obssesive need to win.”
And I love a challenge.

Ahh yes, we have a learned man here on the forums. Quite an impressive post I must admit, good luck to you, and I look forward to following your progress (and reading really cool posts like this one right above mine).

Thanks Mr. C… the training itself will be boring, I have to hit ya wit the flava. :wink:

I’m with you on the 400m… Sub 50 has been flirting with me since my junior year of high school, and I still have yet to acheive that mark… I don’t know if you can count relay splits, but 50.3 is my best(relay); 51.79 open as a sophomore(16 years old) and I have never ran that fast since (11th grade-17 years old)… Senior year was to be my best season, I was running 52.3 in my early pre-season conditioning in January and then had to cancel my season due to injury… First year back this year and ran 52.32 open, 51.5 relay… Next season should be much better :cool:

You’re right there Cortese… just remember lydidard - no metals for training achievements.

So my body finally gave in last night. I went to sleep at 630 pm. I only intended to lie down for an hour. I got up at 7 this morning. this just confirms for me that I needed some down time.
I feel better now, especially after a 2 mi. walk on the lake front and some light abs (which by the way is all I had planned). I’m off to the pool now to goof around.
The first milestone I have to reach is getting healthy. My past attempts at training have been abortive because I get beat up, like I am now.

Current Song: “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters.

Light Cals
still beat up.

“Losing a Whole Year” by third eye

Nothing tuesday, Wednesday just some light stretching and abs, today light abs aand cals tomorrow I am traveling for the fourth - I’ll just walk and do some light abs over the trip.
Feeling better until I wake up :wink:
then I feel like shit again

dont worry im sure the trip will refresh you…:slight_smile:
have fun!

The trip DID refresh me :)… but I took a long run on asphalt that wrecked my anterior tibalis. just ice and advil for the rest of the week.
this is going to seem counter intuitive, but I’m gonna take off until 3 weeks before school starts to just unwind and hab out all the kinks. Its under the advice of a friend.
at that point I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands (internship ends at the beginning of August), and it will be just long enough to get back into shape for school and flag football season!
More of the same in the meantime… light abs, long walks, lots of stretching, and watching what I eat more carefully. Same friend has also been a very dilligent diet cop for me, thankfully.
The reason behind this is, much like you, I’ve been going non-stop so long… I think I’ve worn myself thin. In May, I actually pulled out a huge 100m PR and have felt like shit more times than not since.

“Daily Ritual”

just something I do to keep from getting bored
10 Push-ups
20 Squats
30 Crunches
40 Reverse Crunches (Knees to Chest)
Once through, no rest.
Then I do some stretching, and shower.
I’ll be doing that in lieu of any actual training

ah hah — I love being creatively inclined.

So I’m getting bored with just the daily ritual.
So I’m also feeling not like a truck ran over me.
So I’m not ready for full-out balls to the wall training just yet.

Figured out how to get there.
I have a plan ladies and gents, and we start tomorrow.


first actual work in at least 2 weeks…
Mobility Work
Pull-ups (3 different grips 1x6 each)
Push-ups (3 ways 1x8 each)
Lunges (3 ways, each 1x10)
Step-ups 3 ways 1x12 each)
Hypers 3x15
Rainbows (10, 8, 7)
Pillar Bridges 30 sec front and each side.
I’m really out of shape, which you couldn’t tell from just looking at me. Took my sweet time getting through this cake walk. Wasn’t Hard per se, just not easy. Good way to wade back into things.


Some very sad news for everyone.
My former teammate, and MU linebacker Aaron O’Neal, died tonite, cause unknown, during an optional, “voluntary” workout.
Aaron, a spectacular athlete and decent man, was 19 years old.
I’m more overcome with shock than anything else.
Please keep his family in your hearts and prayers tonite.

Hey, I haven’t gotten a chance to wish you luck on your season/training journal. I’ve got “refrigerator blindness” I can look at the food (or your journal) 100 times and never register the fact that it’s edible. Good luck, and get crackin’.

I will pray for Aaron. A life lost is very sad. :frowning:

Thank you Palmtag.

on a side note, I did actually train yesterday, this was before I found out.

3x4x40m Pool sprints - forces correct lean and knee drive.
10 min hot tub
Cool shower

Same training as monday

joesixpack, I saw a little bit in the paper that mentioned your friend, and I’m really sorry that it happened. I dont really have a way with words so all I’ll say is “That really sucks, I’ll keep you, him, and his family in my prayers.”

Thanks for the support Mr. C…
Really by now I’m fine.
It was just when I found out - heartbreaking.

more pool work tonite