Joe's Journal

My 17 year old son is a state champ sprinter and since we dont have a team or anyone to work out with in our remote county, I plug along, way behind him most of the time. I am very concerned he get the right off season training to prep him for another shot at the state sprint triple.
We’re stocked with supplements.

We’re both new to the sport since last season, and any comments will be appreciated.
Son is a “reluctant” champion and needs to be “guided” into being productive.

So far:
Son does 30-40 min. of light p.e. type recreational 3-5 days/week at school.
Also son will likely be starting a weight training class at school, 5 days/week.

We started in Sept. and are halfway into 2nd month with everyother day work which means 3 -4 days/week.

day: strength endurance: 12-15x 60m. hill, 60-90%, walk down,

day: tempo endurance: 400,300,200,100,200,300,100 , walk between

day: endurance: fartlek 75 sec. run, 150 sec jog, 60 sec run, 120 sec jog x 3.

  • will add speed endurance work soon.

I know this sounds very very light weight compared to what I am seeing, but I am planning to build gradually.

So far we use running shoes (adidas clima-cool) on grass, and havent gotten in any track work yet, but want to do so and assess time/distance.
We havent put on the spikes yet, but will break his feet into them on track gradually.

check us out.

training schedule:
weight class mon-fri.
light p.e. mon - fri.

running workouts: mon/wed/fri/ sun/ tue/thur/sat/

tomorrow: sun/
400 jog, stretch,
speed endurance: 10x 100m (5-10 min rest between)
200 jog, stretch

does it matter if we use spikes or training shoes for speed work?
should we break in foot to spikes before using them?
… it’s been since early july… (12- 15 weeks) since last race.


strength endurance: 12 x 60-80m hill, walk down between.

does anyone recomend 30 degree down hill runs?

NO. Forget about downhill runs, even less at such a slope, you’ll be SHOUTING for an injury. Do a search in the forum, we have gone over this unnumerable times. Most “overspeed” training methods out there are ineffective because instead of decreasing the ground contact time to make you go faster, the opposite happens, you land farther ahead of the center of gravity, making ground contact longer and risking injury.

10x100m for speed endurance is hectic. in order to develop speed endurance u have to develop proper speed first, otherwise whats the point in giving it any endurance when its not that good to begin with. once speed is developed, speed endurance is developed at 100% intensity runs with distances from 60-120m for the 100m runners. quality up, and quantity down. unless ur thinking of 10x100m as intensive tempo, which is not that fast to develop any speed endurance, and yet stresses ur cns. hope this helps

If you want to help your kid start by buying the forum review and CFTS and apply what you learn.

thanks for the clues Komy… any and all are appreciated at this point.

  • sprint training is like a big puzzle where one fits all the pieces into a road map. How many of them actualy get you there?
    Since I am a novice, I will depend on your inputs for sorting it out.

How and when is speed developed?
I think you build a base of strength, power, and endurance, while including some speed work which will increase in percentage to the overall workouts as comp.season nears, and endurance work tapers. - so I presume your speed will develope within the framework.
I presume you are saying I need to develop speed, then do speed endurance. What and how would that be?

As for the 10x 100, I am just taking that from Clyde Hart’s examples of speed endurance workouts, in his 400 meter training format. It is for oxygen debt and lactic buildup to help the lactic acid energy system.

I am trying to get the pattern he puts out with the various workouts and the progression of percentage of use in different periods, and apply that to a kid that has potential but is not as mature as the athletes Hart is training.
Here is a copy of that progression (you’ve probably seen it, but this is what I am working with - I like it because it is easier for me a begginer, to try and comprehend and put together a workout pattern:
Percentage of Emphasis Chart For Workouts
Types of Workouts Fall Early Mid Late
Speed Endurance 75 90 100 100
Tempo Endurance 100 100 100 75
Strength Endurance 100 90 80 70
Endurance Running 100 20 10 5
Power Speed 20 60 70 80
Event Runs 25 90 100 100
Speed 20 60 70 80
Strength 100 100 100 100

Is that the 2002 review and is cfts the training secrets?
…will look into it… mahalo (thanks)

We went for the speed endurance (10x 100) - did the jog and stretch, but were only able to complete 2x 100 sprints, and Joe got nauseous and couldnt continue even with 5 min. recovery.
Maybe he went too fast: 12 and 13 sec.
Lactic acid reaction I guess.

we walked a 400, jogged a 400, and called it quits.

back to the drawing board.

the artice by lyde hard its excellent, but hey, its clyde hard and its advanced!

i would have rather made those tempo runs extensive (75% and below) to put less stress on the CNS and as a general preperation. so 10x100m @16 to start with and gradually pick up on them. i was able myself to drop from 10x100@15 to 10x100 @13 in arounds 4weeks. rest was fixed at 1.5min. maybe this is where u should be looking.

about the speed development coming first, (as thoene said the CFTS in the best guide), but in all cases if either a long to short approach or a short to long approach depending on the level of fitness of the athlete there should be some type of a foundation phase b4 each. where general strength and endurance are developed, through weights, plyos, ccts, tempo runs etc once a solid base is on .once that is sorted anything comes from there

So is Komy saying build speed first (after gen. gpp strength, endurance, etc is developed) then do speed endurance?

Most of what we have been doing in our gpp is tempo.
Even the hills we do are run not sprint.

I will have to get my mind around what speed work is and what speed endurance is.
Sorry for the lack of knowledge…
I am reading the Forum Review.

As it is we have no weight training program as yet.
Joe is doing gen. p.e. at school, 30-40 min/day.

Today we did our hill circuit: it is a route of 3 hills, at 10, 25, and 35 degrees, about 60m each. we run up and walk down each, and do 4-5 sets.

Does anyone recomend integrating sprint on these for strength, power?

We missed a day yesterday (Joe ran a 6+ min. mile in p.e).
Tomorrow, tempo endurance. total 2k.

I’ll keep reading… cf materials.

Did tempo: 400.300. - walk in between.

Sore from yesterday hills, and soccer play at p.e. last 3 days.

Chin-ups, push ups, situps included in p.e. class.

Tempo time below 75%— more like 60%. (because of soreness - but at this point we’re only about 70% anyway.)

Mid-May 2005 Hawaii State high school championship meet triple gold. 100,200,400.

State Record: 100/ 10.6 h, 10.8 fat. 200/21.90 fat(Joe’s). 400/ 48.66 fat

Joe’s PB: 100/ 10.75h (dirt track). 200/21.90fat. 400/49.63fat.

Last year at states:Joe D’q-ed in 100m trial heat… flinched at start.Won the 200 and 400 gold.

We want the records, the golds, and then to compete in one or two events nationals where the real sprinters are, just to see where we might stand.
Joe’s not your athlete/scholar type, but I hope he will be encouraged to continue on to college.

Damn you live in Hawaii? You have no weather problems then! I could do w/o months of snow and sub 32 temperatures.

To help your son improve I highly recommend reading Charlies “Speed Trap”, too. (additional to the newer stuff which gives you the whole info how to train for speed)
The cool thing about it is you get the real life story how athletes develop to world class and how he found the principles of his training system, the process of all the trial and error, which was more error in the case of his own athletic career, but with constant improvement and learning in the 80s when he trained Ben with no doubt turned to be the best in the world.

Mahalo AUT,
Oh yeah you can be outdoors 24/7 here.
We live on an outer island, and hopefully Joe will get to break in the first all weather track this season. We fly to other islands for invitationals and state meet.

Will Speed Trap get me a basic workout outline with diefinitions on just what is things like power speed/ speed work/ speed endurance/ strength endurance/ etc etc ?

I wish someone would just get a “sprinting for dummies” type … oh but then even those books are over my head…
I just keep searching until i can draw a picture for myself and Joe.

HIs coaches are school teachers etc, who also have ambivalent attitudes sometimes, but we will get with them soon enough.

75 sec. run
150 sec jog
60 sec. run
120 sec jog

will try some speed on Mon.
short sprints and flying sprints

all gpp on grass.

Not completely - it’s interesting for the mentioned reasons and will tell you a lot, but you’ll get the principles of Charlie Francis Training System out of the book called “Charlie Francis Training System”, of course…

But it’s never a fixed system, very important is individual judgement - Charlie writes in “the speed trap” that whenever he noticed a slight sign of fatigue he made his athletes stop the exercise, for example.
Just to take the program Ben was trained with in 1987 and apply to another athlete would be a bad thing to do - how many Ben’s are there in the world? :wink:
Even Ben himself did not train the same way in 1979 and 1987…in other words one should be careful with young athletes, I think.

Speed Work, Speed Endurance, Special Endurance - well I could only tell you how I think the terms are used - there are far more experienced trainers and athletes on the board, but maybe my “newbie-view” will make it easier to understand - if I talk crap I hope some more experienced member will correct me:

You should do CNS stressing work only every other day, so the general layout of training days would look like that:

day1: Speed and/or Weight and/or Plyos etc.
day2: Tempo and/or other non CNS stressing exercises like core strenghtening etc.
day3: Speed and/or Weight and/or Plyos etc.
day4: Tempo and/or other non CNS stressing exercises like core strenghtening etc.
day5: Speed and/or Weight and/or Plyos etc.
day6: Tempo and/or other non CNS stressing exercises like core strenghtening etc.

For the speed thing:
Speed Work

  • main focus “GET FASTER FIRST”: Acceleration (sg. up to 60 meter, for beginners probaly only 50m) and top speed (sg. between 20 and 40 meter, eg. 30m 30-60m top speed

Speed Endurance

  • main focus “TRY TO EXTEND THE DISTANCE OF HIGH SPEED STEP BY STEP”: “longer” sprints, up to 120m (was it 120?)

Special Endurance

  • main focus “TRY TO BE FAST OVER THE WHOLE DISTANCE”: up to 300m


  • below 75%, otherwise you’re doing lactic work and get tired. So a 11.50 guy should not run faster than 15.50. You could do jogging for recovery as well, but there are a lot of good reasons to do that kind of tempo instead.

You’ll find a lot of info on the board if you search for these terms…

And of course try to build the years plan that you expect to peak at time of your main competition of course. A lot of info under “Planning and Periodization”.
It’s all on the boards and in Charlies books.

Yeah AUT, thanks, I am getting it slowly.
The thing is it is hard for me to gauge what is enough for Joe… I go light basicaly so I know I can inrease the intensity a little each couple of weeks.

If he complains I keep telling him that we can compare it to the intensity of football the last two years… he usually stops complaining.
-anyway with what I do with him now and the heavy speed work emphasis that the coaches will put on him in early season will hopefully do the trick.

I will continue to read the materials.

After 7 weeks of running behind him myself, about half of what he does, I came down with a pulled calf muscle. It was a little cool out and we were just warming up on grass. I walked about 200m, started jogging and before I was through 150m, I couldnt continue. Just like that…
It’s still sore 3 days later with stretching and massage.
At least I know what it feels like, in terms of empathizing with Joe.

we do every other day running workout.
Joe gets some core work at school.

tempo: 400,300,200,100,200,300,100… 75%, walk recovery about 1-3 min.

hills again:
3 x 3 - 60 meter hills, walk down recovery - hills 20-40 degree.

Hills: 3x 3 x 60m @75%

2x 400 @75%
2x 200 @75%
2x 100 @75%

OK, missed a couple days due to heavy rainng here in Hawaii.

Went for some speed finaly on Sunday:
short warm up

3 flying 30’s : timed: 3 sec, 3 sec, 2.90 sec.

(slight adductor pull on right - arghhh) had to quit:::::

we havent gotten one complete speed workout in yet!
he used his spikes for the first time, but still on grass.

Today coach will work on starting blocks with a few guys from team.