Jay Shroeder Audio Interview

I can only find amusement as I have so little interest in what most of my western counterparts have to offer that the degree to which we appeal or understand one another has perhaps only enough meaning for me to take the 5-10 minutes I’ve already blown by typing this message."

In your case I’ll make an exception.

That sentence took me about 10sec to formulate and type.

Off you go now.

k (0.05s) ’

Touche, well done.

Well in all your 25 posts here you’ve dedicated at least 2 to me.

A true fan.

Alternatively, your words have so accurately validated my criticisms of the opinionated amateurs who comprise such a large percentage of the western sport training industry. It’s curious how so many of you are so confident in speaking out of turn when it’s clear that you have the practical experience of novice.



Perhaps you might consider dedicating more scrutiny to what you post for the world to see.

While it’s difficult enough to take your words seriously, you’ve thrown all hope out the window with your childish behavior on camera.

I benched what you squat when I was 18 years old weighing 175lbs right after I got done squatting 315 for sets of 10.

But if it makes you feel better I have a 155lb running back who just benched 275lb.

Here’s some free advice from someone whose been training since before you were conceived I imagine: take a 5-10 year hiatus from the internet and go accomplish something half-way respectable in the form of strength preparation before you attempt to have a voice in the community.

You’re embarrassing yourself Andrew.

You’re barely old enough to drink legally, read a few books, accomplished jack in the form of training, and thinks he knows something.

The Internets finest. A true martyr.

I know you probably didn’t mean to but I have to thank you for proving my point beyond compare.

wow… wasn’t expecting this wonderful post from such a wonderful guy.

let me clarify my situation real quick, since i have the need to defend myself from a douchebag such as yourself… hopefully you read it, if you don’t whatever, (too harsh for internet - censored).

  1. My 285 x 1 @ 165 lb. squat PR after ~1.5 years of squatting, yes, I know that is horrible to most people on this forum, but lets consider a few things:
  • 2 years into college, I naturally had the genetics to only hit ~25" or so off a running jump.

  • I ran a 4:32 mile while boxing @ 147 lb.

  • I have a disorder in my sacral spine which affects my squatting, and have been injured my entire life.

Ok, so what part of going from 27" to 39-40" running vert in the last two years from age 25-27 is pathetic?

I don’t care what you bench at 18… I don’t care that you were a naturally stronger kid than me… I can say, did you ever break 5 in a mile? Did you ever go eight 3 minute rounds in boxing versus pros? Have you ever hit 39-40" running vertical?

I saw your 35" standing vert video, and I won’t even comment on it… with your short arms for jumping but long arms for benching, how cute ;d

pick one, inflate ;d

I’ve hit 1.8 x BW on squat, and I’m damn proud of it… How many “marathon runners genetics individuals” do you get who have jumped 39-40" off a run?

I’ve had plenty of success training many athletes, without advanced super complex omg easternbloc nut suckery… I’ve put a few on my youtube… your fascination which russia, disrespect for “the west”, and downright douchebaggery is annoying.

If my own individual journey in performance is based upon my “weight room numbers”, then ya it’s pretty embarrassing. Performance on the field/court/track is not dictated by weightroom numbers, so get a clue.


ps: i love alot of what has come out of the east… none of which includes james smith or jay schroeder… jay schroeder actually has some nice ideas though, it’s just that his 151 lb. on his bench press claims in 34 hours etc ruin him a bit.

btw, to listen to the mp3 and navigate it faster, use this link:



4am, oh what fun.

ok i didn’t want to start some kind of stupid back and forth war by my OP, i didn’t include your name after all, it’s just a damn funny & disrespectful quote… so please just re-evaluate how you speak to others & your own performance. that’s all i have to say.

but as for your own performance on squat:

BW: 257 lb / estimated 1RM squat: 450
= 1.75 x BW

18 years old:
BW: 175 lb / estimated 1RM squat: 420
= 2.4 x BW

you digressed 0.65 x BW? how does that happen going from 175 to 257?

lets just say you squatted 500 today, deep, not off your high chair:

500/257 = 1.9 x BW

are you currently flaming me while squatting 1.75-1.9 x BW? lets imagine its 2xBW deep, stiil, that somehow validates your little rant?

lolwut, r-u-srs? <-- non-drinking-age-lingo.


adarqui, I think the issue here isn’t yours or james’ stats but the methods and claims made by Jay Shroeder. In a previous post it seemed as though you were defending his reputation.

Do I take it you employ his methods?

I believe what James was getting at is that Schroder’s methods yield normal, if not less than normal results using you as an example.

Although I’ll admit, a 40" running vert is somewhat impressive. Can you attribute these results to Shroeder’s methods?

Regardless of his claims, this forum is dedicated to the pursuit of speed and most members discredit his methods as less than optimal for that very same purpose.

the only thing i’ve taken from him is:

high frequency + high intensity + low/high volume

for example, squatting near max for singles or lunging submax daily for reps, for weeks… that i would attribute entirely to my vert & speed gains, though i don’t sprint much… with this kind of training, you might go through periods of staleness (even though you try and perform at peak), but then out of nowhere you are at peak/PR levels, with an insane amount of aggression… i’d say it’s one of the best ways to tap into Verkhoshansky’s description of the “innate reserves”… really tying the emotional & neuromuscular aspects together… so i think Schroeder is onto something here.

the only problem with that training, is that i like being lighter, and it’s just impossible with high frequency + high intensity training… I could eat like an anorexic schoolgirl and still maintain weight on it…

i’m not at all a fan of his LDISO protocols or his outlandish claims.

i’ve used high frequency protocols with a small amount of the athlete’s ive trained, and it worked like a charm every time… guys who are much stronger than me i might add.

so i think jay for that one… but 151 lb on his bench in 34 hours = LoLLooLL.

adarqui, I think the issue here isn’t yours or james’ stats but the methods and claims made by Jay Shroeder. In a previous post it seemed as though you were defending his reputation.

right i never planned on this being a stats war… but Mr Smith thought it would be funny.

i don’t promote schroeder at all though… i just don’t like the Eastern Bloc Gurus who heil from the west, who insult the west…

peace man

I haven’t had much experience with this scheme. In terms of predictable results it might be difficult to plan peaks around this method and the staleness produced may affect the CNS more harshly then the muscular system, but for overall performance it might work, I really can’t say or judge.

Working the muscular system at a high frequency and intensity works quite well. I know Charlie’s GPP methods will include 6days/wk of muscle work alternating hills and legs weights and circuits. But frequent high CNS days can be counter productive. I think this is where the difference lies.

Amen brother. The West seems to be doing fine so why criticize it so harshly. I’d like to see Shroeder go to US track and field championships and tell those athletes that there Western ways are producing sub par results.:eek:

To hit back at the Muscular vs CNS training, there is a lack of eastern athletes to have run sub 10 in the 100m, but in terms of weightlifting and throws they’re on top. Genetics yes, but this could also be indicative of training methods.

I wonder which Eastern Bloc guru will claim Jamaica has incorporated their methods.

It’s a neurologic reality…simple neurology…always simple neurology.

Bob Marleyov

Jay Schroeder has opened his Evosport forum, so you can do your ironic considerations right there:):



wow - have you seen how much SPAM is on that website? i opened an article to read, and at the comments section, there was about 90% SPAM

ya it’s hilarious… every comment is spam/porn adverts.

that’s a good indication that hardly anything will be answered on the forum, from evo.

Can anybody give me feedback on Evosport? It seems that some Evo-sport stuff is associated with Jay Schroeder (who signs himself as CEO of ARP-Wave), but that there are other guys with the name Evo-something who are not associated with him.

Are you speaking with me???

Hi. I know this is rehashing a very old topic, but who the hell is James Colbert? Does anyone have any idea of who he has trained or anything along the lines of field experience?

I thought Schroeder was bad, but this guy might even be worse.

Call Em` Out thread: Jay Schroeder


has all of schroeder’s funny “most shocking” quotes transcribed, mostly on page 2-3 , like these: http://www.adarq.org/forum/index.php?topic=517.msg3241#msg3241

Edit: If anyone can verify any of those outlandish & ridiculous claims made by Jay Schroeder, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been trying for over 2 years to get one of my athletes to hold 350-400 lb bench press in the bottom position for 30 minutes, but am unable to get passed 40 seconds. This means I have 29 minutes & 20 seconds more of progress to obtain, and thus I am seeking that “little tweak” that will allow me to accomplish this task.

Drama on WGF:


Yeah, I know I might come off like an asshole or whatever but most of this ridiculous BS in s&c is annoying and sets athletes/coaches back.


Actually… I think I just cracked the puzzle.

James Colbert, in the low bar squat thread, typed as if he was straight from AOL (america online): http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showpost.php?p=154375&postcount=31

What was Jay Schroeder’s email? cccp1@aol.com




finkel is einhorn


god damn.

Schroeder: http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showpost.php?p=155292&postcount=186


The crying game music is playing in the background.

So…they are supersuper slow eccentrics!:slight_smile: