Jane’s “Parameters” from testing


Right at the beginning of the video you talk to Jane about a number of tests you did including the Omega Wave test. You say that this test shows she can do a lot of nervous system work but she can’t tax herself – I assume she can’t generate enough power to fry her CNS from sprinting.

  1. Given this finding how would you alter Jane’s program compared to if she had shown she couldn’t handle much CNS stress?

  2. Will Jane’s tolerance change in relation to a program you set and would you retest her periodically? What would you look for?



Over time you would want to see more power work, including weights. CNS tolerance will go up with enough challange- but that must come from more power through gradual advancements in the overall program- beyond that with can be handled over the short run in a training camp.

A bit irrelevant, sorry, but from your experience and what you’ve seen in the OW, do you think that the system shows potential as well, or mainly your exact current state?

Not sure if i am clear on this, but if your current state -in any of the parameters- is low, does this also indicate a low potential, too? I suppose it can increase as season progresses, but by how much will depend not only on the parameter tested, but on the individual as well, right?


Parameters can be influenced by work already done with the stresses introduced but there can be some indication of potential but it depends on current status at the test time and the interpretive skill of the operator, I suspect.