Jamaica 4x100m world record 37.10!

bolt 3rd leg

Asafa’s anchor was awesome

Ya, we need the splits on this.

asafa is always awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

vid please?

awesome…absolutely amazing games for the Jam Jams…I wonder tho…would the record have been smashed more if Bolt ran the anchor with Asafa on 2nd Frater on the turn?:eek:

36.98! - thats my prediction!!


Quality is low, but exchanges didn’t look great. They definitely got the baton around safely though!

Does anyone have the stats on the previous WR progression for the men’s 4x100m? I’m assuming a 0.30 second improvement is unheard of for this event.

Given all the baton drops and seeing the Jamaican women drop the stick must have put a lot of pressure on them. But, they handled the pressure in amazing fashion, and I was impressed by Frater’s run as well.

thanks, rainman.

any chance of the side on slow mo of AP’s leg??

Frater has WHEELS!!! Did you see him on the Anchor leg of the Worlds in Helsinki???:eek:

Looked like he was on a Frapier Treadmill!!!

It’s good to hear though, that Asafa Powell has come away with an Olympic Gold medal.

I second that…ok its a consolation medal but he has come back with something. I hope he can bounce back and start running some quick times and medals soon…especially now as most JA are saying “Asafa who? 'im sarf mon!” :frowning: I love seeing the comradary with the JA boys!

quality is great, amof; there is an option to view in high definition.
thanks, now i can get me some multiple orgasms :smiley:

looks like asafa gets the baton at 28.1 sec, right on the 100m startline.

Yea, if there was any chance of his psyche being badly affected, this should definitely help reduce the damage for Asafa.

37.10 JAM Beijing (OG) 2008-08-22
37.40 USA Barcelona (OG) 1992-08-08
37.40 USA Stuttgart (WC) 1993-08-21
37.50 USA Tokyo (WC) 1991-09-01
37.67 USA Zürich 1991-08-07
37.79 FRA Split (EC) 1990-09-01
37.79 USA Monaco 1991-08-03
37.83 USA Los Angeles (OG) 1984-08-11
37.86 USA Helsinki (WC) 1983-08-10
38.03 USA Düsseldorf 1977-09-03
38.19 USA München (OG) 1972-09-10
38.24 USA Ciudad de México (OG) 1968-10-20
38.39 JAM Ciudad de México (OG) 1968-10-19

Congrats to Jamaica for their WR 4x100, Powell, did run an excellent anchor, did Bolt open that up or what? Man, what a turn he ran, frightening! :confused:

Looking at the video, the first exchange looked pretty good. The second wasn’t very good, but not too bad either. The last exchange was comical. Clearly Asafa isn’t used to receiving the baton from someone with Bolt’s speed, as he started running quite a bit later than what would have been ideal, but as Charlie has pointed out, better too late than too early. Normally if he started running then to receive from Frater or Carter, it would have been great timing, but Usain had to slow down dramatically before the last exchange in order to not run Asafa over :).

Agreed. Told you they’d be well into the 36s with good handoffs.

Asafa flew on the home straight! Bolt did what he always does: open it up.

But why did they give Bolt the shortest distance man? He should have been doing the 2nd leg because of his sprint endurance.

Ah well, can’t complain. A WR is a WR and Jamaica did it!!

Btw, USA DID 37.40 TWICE?!!! OMG WTF Carl Lewis!!