Ja national trials 2012

100 final men 9.75 blake
women fraser 10.70



Rumour on TFN board that Powell flew to Miami for treatment between rounds. He looked great through 50m.

Follow-up to my previous comment (interview with Asafa):

Interesting race! Terrible start by Bolt, great acceleration by Asafa, Blake comes through great in the second 50m, Bolt chasing them all and Asafa ties up a little!

Would love to see the 10m stats on this race!

Wow! Bolt looks about as bad as you possibly can while running a 9.8. His start just keeps deteriorating and he looks like a 6’5" guy trying to run the 100m. Never seen him look like that before. Nice run by Blake though.

Bolt did a lot wrong, asafa hurt. They boh have much room for improvement. I wonder who he saw in Miami. I’d like to pic his brain. Excellent race. Now I wanna see super duper fine Shelly Ann’s race.

Bolt didn’t look too good, but I wouldn’t underestimate him come London. Asafa still got it to me ; staying healthy will be his major issue. But this Yohan is going to be something for years to come. Bolt’s dominance may be shorter than we all anticipated. On another note (off topic) Shelly Ann ain’t fine Chris, but she is super duper thick.


Great finish which she has lacked in the past.

What! You ever seen her in dem pum pum shorts? Supa fine!


Well bolt should’ve ran harder. This excuse is a moot point

Close your eyen and react on the big bang

I agree, now he just lost agin in the 200. I think he has just got a fire light under his ass

completely agree!!!


I believe it’s because Bolt is bigger then he was 4+ years ago. I wonder how much his weight has fluctuated.