Isometric Training for Sport

Should isometric training for sport occur at a series of various stages within the range of movement or only at the mid or the extreme point?

Iso at the sticking points of any exercise you want to boost, ie mid point of the squat and then at the extreme stretched position - ie bottom of a full squat.

I know Jay Schroeder does iso holds in the lunge bottom position for up to 1min at a time. Followed by jumping lunges etc.

I also saw an example of another coach’s workout who seems to have ties with Jay, and there was a iso hold on a reverse hyper using manual partner resistance for 10 secs in the fully stretched position, followed immediately by 5 explosive repetitons with bands for damping the whiplash effect at the top.

From what I’ve read

at the midrange you’ll only improve± 15 degrees ROM

at the extreme range you will see strength improvement through the whole ROM.

So you should use iso at extreme ROM

Jay also does Iso-holds with the one legged squat.

Schroeder wrote a couple of articles in powerlifting U.S.A. Anyone know what months and years they were written and how to get in touch with him or get information on his training programs?

Cool isos for a minute to help squat. Intersting but does this actually work. What is so difficut about that. Am I suppossed to sit there till I fall on the ground? Could we do squat-thrusts till failure to break through a squatting plateau such as the burn out protocol suggested for bench. (3xmax reps with 90 second rest?)

If isometrics are to be used do them early…I like some of the SET stuff NASM does but I am not absolute about everything they do.

Charlie said that wouldn’t be a good idea when people were talking about burnout pushups, I don’t remember why.

If you watch the archuletta video, Schroeder says in reference to iso one legged squats," This is what we do for hip flexor endurance." He also says about the russian lunge that this becomes one of there primary leg strength exercizes after they reach a certain level on the squat. He doesn’t say what that level is though.

Adam Squated over 600lbs! I guess that level

Dan Fichter

Yeah, but what did they do to get him to that level?

Jay can me reached via e-mail at-