Iso Extension Stim Method

Alright well came across this warmup addition/method and was wondering what some of the experts thought on here since it stems from Professor Verkhoshansky thinking???

[b]here’s from the youtube description:

this is a little method you could use to enhance plyometric/jump training… you can use it when you need a boost in training, or as part of the regular training routine. [/b]

Heres some more information about it-

[i]This method would be used mostly for short periods in the training program, to break plateau’s etc… it’s not an every-day training tool.

here’s the deal:

  1. perform an advanced warmup
  2. work into your jumps, record your highest jump


  1. perform an advanced warmup
  2. work into your jumps, get to your highest jump
  3. add in stim / jumps and see if you can obtain a PR. if you can’t, maybe you’re doing it wrong or it just isn’t working for you. if you do, then like me, it works for you. [/i]

forgive me for not exactly quoting Professor Verkhoshansky, this is from my notes:


  • to employ the hyper excitability of the CNS created by brief powerful muscular tension, to enhance the subsequent specific work, in order to develop explosive strength & the reactive ability of the neuro muscular apparatus.

  • any irritant which stimulates muscle activity, however short term, leaves traces in the nervous system. the trace phenomenon remains for some time after the stimulation has ceased. These traces can have a significant effect on the subsequent muscular activity; in particular, enhance the magnitude of this activity. For example,the preliminary isometric tension has a positive effect on the subsequent dynamic work. This effectiveness of this preliminary tension is up to 20% higher in comparison with the work conducted without preliminary isometric tension.

-after tonic work (back squat in this case), the max effort increases by 26% from the initial level after the first minute, and then by 4th/5th minute it reaches 65%. “the amount of time required for the maximum increase in effect falls 2.6% immediately after tonic work. Then this time drops to 3-4 minutes up to 4.6%, and the subsequent increases exceed the initial level considerabley.”

  • the effect of the stimulation determines the amount of time to reach a maximum of force & duration of the after-effect of the tonic work. It is important at which moment the subsequent work starts.

-vert stuff
maximum height of the vertical standing jump is reached after the 3rd/4th minute. The difference is a 6.8% increase over the initial level. After the back squat, an increase of 8.0% from the initial level is realized in the 8th-10th minute after depth jumps.

It is called potentiation and is a repeatable phenomina. Most recently it has been researched by a professor in Ireland. Usually you use backsquat 5RM then 4min then jump. This is just another way of doing it.