Is this tempo workout any good?

Could I get some feedback on this tempo workout I like to do. I’m currently training for the 100m only. I do this tempo workout twice a week. What do ya’ll think of it? I do 4 continuous laps where I stride the straightaways at about 70% pace, jog half way around the bend, walk the other half of the bend and then repeat the process for a total of 4 laps. I’m really breathing hard after this workout!! So what do ya’ll think? Is this a good tempo workout for a 100m sprinter?

MJ & QuickMick,

I didn’t mean to sound so dismissive of the session. But why not stick to the protocols for tempo offered in CFTS?

btw I think tempo barefoot on grass is a great idea! :slight_smile:

I to like doing tempo-sessions barefoot on grass. Problem is were i run ,next to the trees ,people like to walk their dogs…
You probably dont want to hear this.



my tempo does follow charlie’s idea, in fact everything i do follows his methods. i was just responding to the post. in my opinion, it’s a good idea to stay on grass to protect the legs.

i do tempo on a football or soccer field. just walk the area first. i like doing it barefooted to build up lower leg strength.

I agree with doing the workout on grass. I would be wary doing any workout barefoot however. All it takes is one glass shard or splinter and you are screwed…

I didnt mention barefeet but it is a nice addition. Quickmick’s session looks a little like a throwback to the days of windsprints. Sufficient recovery between runs?

isn’t the intention of tempo to be a recovery day. the workout sounds good, but you should try to get on grass to save the legs somewhat. i dont think the legs will recover as well if your on the track everyday. just my 2 cents though.

As long as you finish a strong as you start it is probably ok, but I do like gf’s suggestion of performing tempo barefoot on the grass. This provides nice foot strengthening side effects as well as easing the pounding on the legs.

Why not do a standard extensive tempo session on grass?

When doing my tempo I wanted to be around 75% but I found doing tempo on the grass to be harder to hit my goal times compared to when I do them on the track. I had no problem hitting and being consistant on the track, but I started to do the tempo on the grass (the pounding started to get to my joints) I wasn’t hitting my times. I had to work harder to hit the same times. any suggestions… :shoot:

is it normal for the times on the grass to be slower than the times on the track, should still try and go for my goal times on the grass or should the times be adjusted?

yes its normal… you cant run as fast on the grass as on the track just liek you cant run as fast on sand as on grass. adjust your times accordingly but obviously you are not going to do a time trial on the grass to see what you can run. Id say add a half second to a second. After all, tempo % can be anywhere form 65-75% and i dont even time my tempo 100’s on the grass, i just go by percieved effort.

Yeah, I would say definitely don’t try to hit the track times if it makes it hard.