Is this ems any good?

[i]"EMS HP Electromotor/Muscle Stimulator

They come in a case the same as Tens machines I sell, black unit, and same sort of size, (can clip onto a belt).
Make is EMS HP

It is designed for muscle re-education primarily, but has a variety of settings which allow use for pain relief, relief of muscle spasm, and for maintaining muscle strength while unable to fully exercise because of injury.

Technical Information follows

Power Source 9v DC (battery)
Output Current 80mA
Pulse Amplitude 100V with alkaline batteries
Wave Form Alternating asymmetrical biphasic wave form with zero net DC
Pulse Width 300uS
Pulse Frequency 10, 35, 60ppS selectable
Pulse Ramp Time 1, 3, 8 secs selectable
Pulse Down Time 1, 3, 8 secs selectable
Pulse on time 2-30 seconds adjustable
Pulse off time 0-50 seconds adjustable
Channels 2 channels
Weight 130 gms including battery
Dimensions 24 x 64 x 93 mm

Comes with batteries, leads and set of reuseable electrodes."[/i]

$120. I dont know much about them. Thanks

i know a few people with the Tens version. they seem to think it works well as a Tens unit. they are a very popular unit, most chemists around here sell them, therfore spare parts, ie leads, pads ect easy to come across.
NOt sure how many pads that model supports? would be ideal if it supports 8 total pads.
im not sure about customs with Aust.?? it should be a breeze? so try, and scroll to the bottom of the page, that machine has it all. and if you or your parents are in private health insurance, you should be able to recoupe a lot of the $$ from them. We recouped 70% $$ back. Making the machine cheap as. Only had to see a Dr 1st to get a letter, saying,
due to training, the following day debiliting back spasms are present and a Electronic muslce stim is needed.
then, you buy the machine, take the receipt and letter from DR to private health insurance, and get your $$ back.
Just check what your covered for, perhaps ring them to confirm.

What do you mean “works well as a tens unit” (again dont know much :stuck_out_tongue: )

That site does not work for me probably because my internet is being shit at the moment. But yea that sounds like a good way to get an EMS machine lol!! I will look into this thanks :cool:

just another question relating to the unit I posted I assume pps = pulse per second?
Which would mean 60hz max frequency? Is this enough seems kind of low…


[edit] bold I am now pretty sure this is an EMS not a tens unit???

Thanks again

Hey man, yeah, that will be a ems unit for sure, its just the same company makes Tens units, and they both look exactly the same. There is just a bit of “re-wiring” done to the inside to make it a EMS unit. So, if the Tens unit is pretty good, so maybe the EMs unit is too??
The pulse on and off times look fine
pulse widith looks fine
pulse amps look fine
ramp up and down is pass-able
2 channels - Not sure what that means??
pulse frequency is fine for the average person, but, up to 90-100+ is what your really looking for! 65 could be just a bit low!

Are you ONLY allowed to do a pulse frequency for 10, 35, and 60, and ramp time of 1 sec, 3 sec, and 8 sec, etc? No in betweens???

Like Bold says, a 60 Hz pulse frequency isn’t high enough for Max Strength EMS. For Max Strength the minimum is around 80Hz and you can go up to 120Hz.The 10 Hz can be used for pulse mode though.

Okay thanks guys so yea as i thought the frequec y is too low ill give it a miss…