Is leg strenth training necessary for a 400m runner?

Is leg strength training really necessary for a 400m runner?
I am doing lots of core work. But when I am doing leg strength my performance drops and my legs feel heavy. I have experimented both with high reps and low reps.
On the other hand seems like I respond more well to plyos. After a few sessions of plyos my performance goes up and I feel more springy.
Am I doing something wrong in my leg strength work, Or do 400m runners just dont need that much strength?

Did you read the Lactate Threshold Ebook, ESTI’s journal, or my journals? It’s all covered in there if you would just do your assigned homework and stop asking questions.

I don’t think it’s necessary for any sprinter really. And if it is necessary, it isn’t by much. Sprinting, weighted sprinting or hill sprinting, and plyo together is pretty solid legwork. I personally do better without much lower body work.

(On the other hand seems like I respond more well to plyos. After a few sessions of plyos my performance goes up and I feel more springy.)
I think you have answered your own question here. If you do the readings as suggested you will see that a training program is very individual and over time you will find what works best for you, as you have just found out re plyos over weights.

Yes I think it is necessary, but sprinting is more important. Getting faster can improve strength, but getting stronger doesn’t necessarily improve speed.

If your strength training is done correctly you shouldn’t have any issues. I don’t understand how doing squats 2-3 sets of 5 reps at 60-65% can trash your legs.

That’s what I do. 2-3x3-6 from 60%-80% tops.

1-2x per week. Not very deep at all anymore other than a warmup set. If I had leg press I probably would never squat. I like bench squats best. For most sports there’s nothing magical about a squat IMO.

I played around with high box squats this past summer and liked the results I got with them (increase quad mobility, felt elastic on the track, and overall less tightness in lower back etc). This fall I am squatting twice a week and haven’t had any negative issues at all - actually I’m surprise how my legs feel on the track each week.

Week 4:
Monday: 3x5x70% rest 60-90sec (Mod 90% max)
Thursday: 3x4x65% rest 60-90sec

Lower volume and submax loads. My specific work capacity improved throughout GPP this is allowing me to complete these quality sets with high bar speed and short rest periods.

I would like to add that I am enjoying strength training again because the volume is low and I’m not grinding through heavy sets. I’m leaving the gym feeling like I could have done more. Same goes with my athletes - I always want them to complete the training session feeling successful not feeling like shit because they missed a rep or had to grind through sets etc.

IT’s about time :wink:
I’ve been waiting for that to click with you!

What do you mean?

I’ve always thought your strength levels have been fine for a long time - size too.
It’s easy to chase the strength gains in the gym - easy trap to fall into. Like you said, you’re now fresher to train speed doing less weights.

Stopping asking questions?Great way to shut down a forum.