is it really necessary to ALWAYS split up hi-days from low-days?

its now inseason for soccer and i have two practices and usually one game per week. I 'm still trying to do speed and tempos and weights though without going overboard. And sometimes its really hard to lift after my practices (which i consider medium intesity)… either way there are many strength training porgrams that have ppl lifting 5 days/week and still proiduce great results…

so i was wondering if it is okay to do heavy upper body lifting between my practices… the session is basically three heavy triples of an upper movement, followed by one supplemental movement (3setsm of 5-8 reps), for accesory (3x5-8), one lat movement and some abs both done at 2-3 sets of 5-8.

typical week would be:
tues-plyos then soccer practice
wed-tempo/upper weights
thurs- practice then lower body lifting

Assumedly, during the playing season, the number of lifts is low so a split routine as you show can work. Also, if you are in a situation where you can work 2 x/day, doing the weights n the AM with at least a 4hr break can work well. That would be quite useful for the Wed session, with the weights in the AM.

Why specifically the AM?