is it possible to shave off 3 seconds

hi i just was wondering if i could shave off like 3 secs by next track year, i have around a 13 sec 100 meter, i have been told again and again to sprint with angle weights and keep good stride action

don’t even think about trying to sprint with ankle weights.the silly ****** who told you that should be shot.

3seconds is alot.if your doing 13secs now why not look at improving to 12 which is highly attainable with a half decent programme.there are great ideas on this site to get you started:shoot:

Post some details Dalton -
I’ve gone from 14.7 to 12.2 in just over a year so there’s hope with hard work -
13 to 10 is a different kind of jump tho - I’ll be pretty pleased with .5 next year

Dalton I agree with X-man 100%, do NOT ever use ankle weights weather its track training or just a general exercise program helping a sedentary person lose some weight. Bottom line, just keep training, you will see results.

gloopzilla that is a great improvement in one year congrats:clap:

People forget that sprinting is all about long term, you must set realistic and acheiveable goals to work for.

Like John Smith says “a donkey aint gonna win a kentucky derby” but you can certainly improve yourself. 10 seconds sounds very optimistic, but who knows with 5-6 year of sold training its a possibility.


Originally posted by X-Man
don’t even think about trying to sprint with ankle weights.the silly ****** who told you that should be shot.

This made my morning.


rule #1: improvement is not linear

for Masters athletes, the reverse is true (attrition is not linear!)

Cheers Big-Ron
A masters sprinter @ our club equalled his all time PB of 1.6 at age 43 last season and he loses all his speed thru the winter -

I turn 39 next week ( ‘sob’ ) I hope to make gains for the next 3 - 4 years - mebbe to 11.5 ( my old PB as a kid )

I won’t set next seasons targets till I know what my 60m improves to by march
Last year it was 7.8 and was really ropey - I reckon I can make 7.5 by march at least but I’m gonna need 7.3 - 4 to make 11.5

I only started training properly last year so it’s not like I’m an athlete thats getting worse cos I got no comparisons really

the World Masters Athletics (WMA) is in San Sebastian, Spain, in 2005. Maybe we’ll see you there?

Hope so fjlee - that’s the main target - 11.5 would have won the uk title this year and 12.2 would have got me to the semi’s
I think it was a slow year tho - mebbe I can get in the 2005 relay team lol