Is it possible to be too relaxed?

I was just wondering if it were possible to be too relaxed for your race to the point were you dont really think about what your sapost to do (form, technique etc) Because I think if happend to me. I ran an ok time but my form was crap and my lift/tripple extension was not there, I could have done alot better.

Another question I thought that your not sapost to think about running while your running(a race).
But I did think about my form and all that durning our 4x4 relay and I ended up doing really well time wise. Any comments or cues to help me out would be great thanks.

I think the key for any sport is to be focussed on the task but not uptight.

Relaxing too much is kind of like undertraining. Technically it’s possible, but as a practical matter I wouldn’t worry about it. Tightening up is a much greater danger.