Is 6 months Enough Time To Get Into Shape For The 100 Meters?

I have 6 months to prepare for the outdoor season. I just started training for the first time ever in March(Wasn’t sticking with my program 100% though) but had to completely stop training in July. Now I have only 6 months to get into shape because the outdoor season starts in March. Is 6 months enough time to get into shape for the 100 meter dash?

I currently run the 100 in 13 seconds. My goal is to be able to run a sub 12 second 100 meter dash. Obviously I’m doing it just for fun and for the love of running my fastest. I don’t even think with my time they will let me run the 100 meters for my school’s track team but I still think it will be fun to train for.

More than enough. Plus as long as you continue to train you will continue to get better. Unless your only training to run one time

Maybe - not knowing much about your background it could take longer.

Block 1: 8 weeks (focus on 0-30m)
Block 2: 12 weeks (focus on 0-60m)
Block 3: 12 weeks (focus on 0-150m)

Thanks for the replies guys,

I was wondering where could I run if my college team for various reasons won’t let me run for their track team. Is there a D-League for Track and Field? I know there is a masters category but I’m too young for that.