Irritated Nerve In Hamy

5 days ago I was doing a 100m at 100%. At the finish I dipped as normal and my right leg locked straight causing me to slam my heel into the ground and twist my right ankle. After I scrapped myself off the ground I was able to bend my leg again but I had sharp nerve pain running on the inside of my right leg in between the adductor and glute. The nerve pain runs from the bottom of glute down to the top of my knee.

After the initial pain settled, I am left with a slight nerve pain as descibed above when I walk. All forms of hamy stretches cause immediate pain.

Have been to physio & chiro and they believe it will get better relatively quickly, but they are unsure what caused it and they do not seem to be able to explain it. Now the nerve pain seems to be getting worse.

Just want to see if anyone has experienced anything similar and if so what rehab was used etc.


what did the chiro and physio tell you to do? was their recommendations the same or different?

Hmm… It could’ve been you did something to irritate the sciatic nerve. I know I had a herniated disc and that nerve pain is nothing nice. I didnt do something about it til 2 months after and by that time I could barley stand up from a sitting position without being in agonizing pain. I still do have a tiny bit of nerve pain here and there, but that’s probably due to I left it irritated for so long without really know I had a small fragment of my L5 disc hitting that nerve. I had to have surgery on it, but you should avoid it if you can.

Physio did some laser/dry needle work along the hamy/adductor and seems to think that I will need work on it every couple of days until it goes. But could not explain what happened. Said try some gentle stretching and no running.

Chiro said I jammed a nerve in my hamy and it will settle. They adjusted L4/5 and said it should relieve it a little. Advised no stretching and no running.

Dont think its a sciatic problem. Slump test gives immediate pain but unusually when the toes are raised it tends to relieve the pain a little, which is exactly opposite to what I thought sciatic irritation does.