Intermediate Powerlifter(for Duxx and others)

Duxx"When the simple linear approach in increasing weights and hitting PRs every training start to plateau, then novices are not more novices – they are now considered as intermediate athletes. The characteristic of intermediate athletes is that along with increasing strength, athlete’s recovery ability increase too, thus they can handle greater load more easily than novices.

But, to create adaptive response, intermediate must ’stress the system’ with greater loads, and from this load they can’t recover till another training. They need more recovery. They can hit PRs every week instead of every training session as with novices.

The intermediate athletes, due greater recovery needed to ’supercompensate’ need more within-week variations in training loads, or more easily, they need planned off-days within a week. Those off-days, or days with lowered load can be achieved by using more easier exercises, using less weight and doing same reps, using same weight and doing less reps, reducing number of sets etc, etc."

Question.How must be Periodizazion and Programming for Intermediate powerlifter of 17-18 years old(for 12-29 weeks)in avarage?Thanx

There are numerous schemes, and the one I outlined in that article is Rip/Kilgore/Pendlay method.
It is very simple… yout hit PRs every week and implement within-week variations.

Squat 5x5

Squat 3x5 @80%

Squat 1x5 heavy

To be honest I didn’t implemented this method nor for myself nor for athletes I work with. I am beggining again from a long lay off and they are begginers.

BTW get the Book - Practical Programming. It is cheap and it is awesome.

Whata are other book and sites(good)on tis topic?

And Forum mon Periodizazion in Powerlifting(and Maximal Strength) and Soccer?


The books/articles below are excellent sources of information…some are difficult to find.

“Super Training” by Siff and Verkhoshansky
“Programming and Organization of Training” by Verkhoshansky
“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Zatsiorsky
“Science of Sports Training” by Kurz
“Secrets of Soviet Sports and Fitness Training” by Yessis
“Theory and Methodology of Training” by Bompa
“Periodization of Strength” by Bompa
“Weightlifting Training & Technique” by Zhekov
“A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting” by Medvedyev
“The Program of Multi - Year Training in Weightlifting” by Medvedyev
"The Training of the Weightlifter " by Roman
“Fundaments of Special Strength-Training in Sport”
“Power” by Hatfield

All great books,good job.
But-since this appears to be a powerlifting discussion-also remember the sound advice from Dave Tate (big time powerlifter):


Thing is, Rip has already read a lot of that stuff and lots more besides and has distilled it into an approach that has had proven results.

Dave is great, I love his stuff. You might find it humerous that I ripped off that list from an article by Dave’s good buddy Lou Simmons. :slight_smile:

what’s the better books ,of Dave and lou,for Intermediate and Advanced powerlifter?